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Music at St Andrew's 2018

Further events in 2018 include

Sunday Afternoon Recitals 4.00-5.00pm

18 February - Recital by Jaivin Raj (baritone) & Sina Lari (piano)

29 April - Recital by Yukiko Shinohara (piano)

3 June - Recital by Jennifer Lee (piano)


Saturday 17 March - Fortismere Community Symphony Orchestra

Saturday 12 May - Fortismere Community Choir

Saturday 30 June - Fortismere Community Symphony Orchestra


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Summer Fete on the Triangle 2016 - the movie

Palace Gates Residents' Association website has a short report on the fete held two weeks ago, and an entertaining video which Kevin and Julie have made with some highlights from the event, with clips of Mike Solomon-Wiliams and the Three Deuces making music, Gustave the Magician making fun, and Raef Commissar moving his feet impressively - talents young and more mature giving everyone a good time on a miraculously (sudden) sunny afternoon. You can find it all here:

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Excellent Music

Excellent Music

Last Saturday evening we went along to hear the Galitzin Ensemble at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road.  They play there now and then and I had heard them there before and enjoyed it immensely. (I didn't know it happened until it was advertised on this website.)  They are extremely professional and polished performers, and have won a number of international prizes - the personel has changed, but the Ichinose family is their continuity. Saint Andrew's also is a wonderful venue for this kind of music, big enough to feel that strong music has room to move, but with very clear sound. Whether it was the playing or the acoustic - probably both - the music sounded amazingly crisp to a rather aging ear. It is extraordinary, really, to be able to hear such high quality music-making just round the corner for only however much you choose to drop into the plate at the door.

The programmes I've heard Galitzins do have been balanced: a classic (Beethoven/Haydn), something more light-hearted, and Shostakovitch - they seem to specialise in him. I went with someone who wasn't at all sure about Shostakovitch and went to sit near the door for that half of the concert to be able to nip out if necessary, but was still there at the end - it's such dramatic and gripping stuff.  These recitals are an effortless way to discover good things you didn't expect. Try it if you haven't yet.

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