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“A Liveable London is a city where it’s enjoyable and safe to walk and cycle for all your local trips, where there are relaxing places outside where you can watch the world go by or chat with your neighbours, and where children can safely roam and walk or cycle to school. It’s a London where our families, friends and communities are put first on our streets, and where motor traffic, pollution and congestion don’t dominate our public spaces.”

So says a campaign leaflet produced by Living Streets* and the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) (leaflets here) in the runup to the local elections. Haringey was one of seven London boroughs that won funding in 2017 from the Greater London Authority and the TfL Liveable Neighbourhoods programme. The campaigners want to convince candidates from all major political parties of the desirability of such a policy, while also allowing for the extensive discussions that would be needed with local residents to take into consideration the concerns of all of them, and produce a plan that overall they consider a positive development for their neighbourhood. TfL provides detailed guidance about what is required on its website. *See also London Living Streets.

Pic. is from Enfield cycling campaign in 2016, and a contributor to their site says:

Orford Road, in the award-winnig 'mini-Holland' scheme in Waltham Forest, "used to have heavy car traffic but is now restricted to buses and bikes only between 10am and 10pm. Closing it to car traffic caused huge controversy at the time, with local shop owners claiming that it would be the death of their businesses. (Some of them even disrupted the opening ceremony last year by carrying a coffin down the street.)"

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  • This sounds excellent. I’d be interested in visiting Orford Road in Waltham Forest to see how it is working. I know local businesses in Palmers Green fought the mini-Holland scheme there, saying that any restrictions on drivers would reduce business. I’ve never really understood how making an environment better and more pedestrian friendly would have a negative impact on local shops-I thought it would be the opposite. 

    • Yes, I was intending to visit the Orford Road area sometime - perhaps we should organise a group visit, and then discuss relevance to the AP area in a cafe/pub afterwards?


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