The consultation for the 2018 rail timetable is up. They are proposing to cancel the fast trains (10 mins) between Alexandra Palace and Kings Cross (8:39 am and 9:10 am) and from Kings Cross to Alexandra Palace (5:58 pm and 6:28). If you wish to object, you can do so through

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  • I just found out about this today! Sorry I am late to the party. Missed the consultation phase.

    I wrote to Great Northern via Twitter because this will add about a half hour to my journey, if I have to stop at Hornsey, Haringey, change at Finsbury Park for the Victoria Line, stop at Highbury & Islington, before getting to Kings Cross. Both ways - it will mean I am losing an hour of my free time! Nightmare.

    They told me to send their Customer Services a message (, which I have done. I missed the consultation phase (that came and went very quickly and quietly - well done Marcos for amplifying it) but I intend to peacefully protest until the end.

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  • Thanks for posting this Marcos.   I didn't know about it and really value these trains.  Have responded now to the consultation.  

  • Thanks for posting, Marcos. Do you have any idea why they might want to make a change like this, and what is the deadline for lodging an objection?

    • Many thanks Susie. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to uncover any explanation in their website. The consultation is open until 27th July 2017. 

    • Good to know what the deadline is, though. A real shame if those fast trains are discontinued.

    • I do not really think that people know about these proposed changes. I will try to print some A4s with the info and post them close to the station.

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