Friday nite at the ArtsFest - intriguing cabaret

Yesterday evening at the All Good Bookshop - artists making evocative sounds with strange instruments, film, poetry and story-telling. The idea - described by our MC and theremin (what?) player - came from the outrageous Cabaret Voltaire: Zurich 1916, where artists got together to work out what they should still say while the world burned in the First World War. The question remains relevant.

The acts used projections, music and words in various combinations which are not easy to describe! Dramatic visual effects in one, comic in another. The show finished with a lovely and pointed creation myth from South American mythology, with glances at most other world traditions thrown in. A fascinating and hugely enjoyable evening.

The whole festival is budgetless and done for the love of it and deserves lots of support. You can still catch all sorts of quite different events today and tomorrow - see:

10802497498?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Witch of Brussels performs Big Ass Strawberry

10802499271?profile=RESIZE_400xNewham Folk Archive start their history of highway robbery, cattle rustling and sewage in East London.

10802499656?profile=RESIZE_400xInterval drinks at the bookshop

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