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Welcome to the latest news from Alexandra Park Neighbours            22 March


                Alexandra Pallets - a new addition to the embankment above Ally Pally station


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Yesterday evening at 7pm, residents of Outram Road N22 applauded our health care workers from doorsteps, front gardens and balconies. A joyful racket was made and it felt good to show appreciation, while carefully observing social distancing. This is part of a wider move to show thanks for health care workers: on 26 March there is a national applause event for the NHS planned for 8pm

There has been a remarkable outpouring of offers of help for those house-bound during the coronavirus crisis. If you would like to volunteer to assist your neighbours, or if you need help with shopping etc because you are self-isolating, you can find out more at the Haringey Covid-19 group facebook page.

The experience of the past few days has been that hyper-local support groups (ideally at street level) seem to work best. Earlier in the week, some elderly residents in the Alexandra Park area received multiple offers of help, due to the duplication of efforts from local groups working on the same patch.

The Alexandra Ward COVID-19 Mutual Support group has grown exponentially and a big effort has gone into streamlining offers of help. At the time of writing, there are WhatsApp groups on the following roads:

Albert Road (including Albert Close and Sakura Drive)

Coniston Road

Crescent Road (including Dagmar Road)

Grasmere Road

Outram Road

Princes Avenue

Rhodes Avenue

Vallance Road (including some of Elgin Road)

Victoria Road

Winton Avenue (including some of Bidwell Gardens and Blake Road)

Please note, these voluntary groups are for neighbourhood assistance, not for medical advice. Safety is paramount and Haringey Council has provided updated guidance on volunteering.

If you are concerned about a vulnerable resident who may need additional support, or if you have any concerns about the welfare of the person you are speaking to, or people in their household, please contact the Haringey Council Connected Communities team.



Alessandra updates us on some of the fantastic free cultural offerings to keep us entertained at home.

John C is concerned that new cycle parking measures could result in lost car parking spaces.

We have an update on local libraries as well as information on local travel restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Also important advice on using local parks safely, and what's open/closed in Alexandra Palace and Park.

And thanks go to Indijana for her hand-sanitizer recipe.

Not all the news is bad – in some places nature has been reclaiming its spaces as a consequence of Covid-19 lockdowns.



The homeless are particularly at risk at the moment, and the charity All People All Places that runs 16 homeless shelters in Haringey and Enfield is looking for donations. Its newest shelter is in Muswell Hill, at the corner of Woodside Avenue and Muswell Hill Road.

You are invited to record a message for a quick-turnaround Radio 4 documentary, Life on Lockdown.

John has three Nokia Original 3210 phones for sale.

Jill wonders if anyone recognises the tabby cat that keeps visiting her.



Join in the Big applause for the NHS on 26 March at 8pm, from front doors, gardens, windows to show all nurses, doctors, carers, pharmacists our appreciation for their hard work and fight against covid19!!! #clapforourcarers 

Our list of the wonderful line-up of local events that were due to be held over the next month or two is very sadly being put under wraps during the current crisis. But if you have one that is covid-19-era friendly, we will gladly list it!

This week’s feature pic is of the newly built planters in the Rose Garden at Alexandra Palace station, courtesy of Friends of Ally Pally Station.



With warmest wishes

Susie Holden and Annabel Gregory

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