1. A quick reminder that the Albert Rec refurbishment drop-in session is in progress. Last sessions on Monday 30/07 2-4pm and Wednesday 01/08, from 4 to 6:30pm. If you can't make it, please email us your comments and suggestions and we'll pass it on... 

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  • Is there still time to comment on this? My son (7) has a few suggestions I'd like to feed in if possible!

    • Hi, is worth a try. The Council officer was waiting until end if last week for feedback and then wrap up all emails and feedback collected at the playground, are we not that far.

      And your kid ideas will be very welcomed, the officer has collected ideas and feedback from many parents but the service is also quite keen to hear from kids about what they would like to see and play with, even got a couple of posters in the playground with pictures and drawings of games and equipment for the childrens to point at and tell what they like... 

      We are also happy to collect feedback from residents and forward any comment and feedback if you prefer to email directly one of us.

      Hope this helps. 

  • Alessandra, where are these drop-in sessions being held?  In the playground itself?

    Thanks, Annabel

    • Hi Annabel, yes, they will be held in the playground. 

      Kind Regards, 


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