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Safe neighbourhoods is something that is frequently raised when talking with many of you. Unfortunately there is not much that a local authority and your councillors can do, other than joining and raising concerns, as it is all in the hand of the central government but I thought you could find useful the information below and we would like to involve more residents if some of you may want to get involved directly either in your street or in the ward panels. 

To join a Safe neighbourhoods Street network, or to start one, you can follow the instruction on the website ,where you can check by post address and the site will automatically list all the street with a Watch to join near you and you can also find a form to send to the street local watch coordinator. In addition you can also click on the link to the police website and see the crime area for your map.

If you are interested in joining a Neighbourhood Watch ward panel, these meet quarterly to discuss local crime and safety, and are composed by  your councillors, local resindents associations, local residents and local police team, you can email the ward Safe Neighbourhood Network MET team using the email or email one of us directly and we can forward your details to the ward panel. 


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