Alexandra Park West CPZ

First time on the APN site.  It took the CPZ "consultation" to get me here. 

I have been trying, with the help of Cllr. Josh Dixon, to get some basic facts from HC regarding their modelling of the proposed CPZ Mega assault.  But so far with no luck.  Radio silence.

I feel very frustrated that I am being asked for my views with the minimum of information.

I used to live in Breamar Avenue, when the residents had the "right" to park anywhere in the street.  Someone was upset that they could not park "in front of" their house.  They were not disabled, but the walk was proving too much?  We were consulted and the road CPZed, with the result that 50% of the available parking disappeared.  Shortly after we moved, but I suspect the person who triggered the process still has to walk to his car further than he would like.  Any now pays for permission to do so. :)

I'm sure HC have a model that they use to plan CPZs; they don't just randomly turn up at the CPZ roads and willy-nilly paint lines here and there.  So what I wanted to find out was as follows:-

How many front gardens do they expect to be paved over under the current swath of CPZ plans?  What do HC consider acceptable?

What percentage of current on-street parking might be expected to be lost?  For example, on currently on Albert Road/Durnsford Road in front of the O. Tambo Park parking is permitted wherever you can (except at crossing, corners, etc.).  The park is heavily used.  Can we expect visitors and residents to be able to park freely as we are now?  How much parking will be lost, or if it is easier, how many meters of parking will there be and how many meters of yellow lines?

I love the way about 50 meters of Winton Avenue is squeezed into the zone too.  Now what are HC plans for that road?  I'd be very interested to find out.  I suspect that anyone living in the rest of the road (Winton Ave north) will find their CPZ permit does not work in the APW CPZ and that many of the captured residents will end up walking from the Clifton Road area to their houses as they wont find any where to park nearer.

Not expecting any further useful information to come from HC, so I'll be sending off my views.  I suppose the question I’m being asked is do I want local parking to be for local people (Royston Vassey style) and do I want to pay for permission to look for a parking space in my little parking pool?

Ah, local democracy! Don't you love it!

Pete Greene




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  • Thanks very much for looking into this. From what I can tell, a lot of people are not in favour of CPZ, so let's see what happens. If you have any updates, am sure people on this site would be very interested.

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