Three 5-day workshops at Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall. Week beginning (1) 6th August, (2) 13th August and (3) 20th August. 10-3.30pm each day.

The Arthouse Studio is inviting teenagers of all ages to come on board and join our classes and workshops over the summer holidays – to learn, create, explore & present ideas, produce and share original unique pieces of work in a big team of new and old friends.

The ArtHouse style

Moving away from a more traditional understanding of how to teach drama and performing arts, we are hoping to create a community of people who want to communicate and express themselves using a wide range of artistic genres and tools.

We will work as a collaborative group led by art industry professionals and where participants are part of deciding what we want to learn, which in turn guides the direction of travel that our ideas & discoveries lead to.

... Each workshop will have a special Skill Focus and a Theme Focus. A skill focus is when we look at a particular medium or technique such as ‘Directing’ or ‘Writing’ or ‘Cinematography’. A Theme Focus is when we look more towards a genre like ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Classic Theatre’ or ‘Comedy’ or ‘Streetlife’.


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