Hello allMy partner and I have recently moved into the area - into a maisonette with a bathroom that desperately needs a near-complete overhaul.Does anyone have any personal recommendations of who to enlist for the job? Interested in experiences both good and bad.Many thanks.

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  • Simon Collins 07946 612327 is a great local plumber who does both small jobs and large ones - both kitchen and bathroom refurbs.
    • Thank you Elli. I will reach out to Simon.
    • Hi Hadson, do you have any feedback on Simon?  I'm looking for someone now too.  Would you recommend him?

    • Hi Grace, Simon was unavailable at the time we wanted the work done. We found In 'n' Out Builders via the MyBuilder website and found them to be excellent. Would highly recommend them.

      Our job is the most recent one documented in photos in their Facebook page of you would like an example of their standard of work.
    • That sounds good, thanks Hadson.  However, I typed in their name in Facebook and it didn't come up.  Could you pls send me the link, website, or contact details?  Were they reasonably priced?

    • That's probably because I referred to them as in n out builders instead of building services. Apologies for that, link to their Facebook page below.

      Their prices seemed reasonable to us but we were first timers - someone who's had work done a few times might think differently
    • Thanks so much, Hadson.  I've given them a ring.

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