Hello All,

Hopefully it's some comfort in these times to know that there's new life springing up at the station. 

Some years ago, Network Rail gave us access to this corner of land, on the Bedford Road side, by the footbridge. At the time we dreamed of creating the 'Bedford Rose Garden', partly because we love a bad pun, and mostly because it seemed like a lovely thing to do. 

We didn't do anything for years, partly because we've been busy with other things, also because Giles, so central to so much of what we did, passed away. But as one life passed, we were blessed to have a new devoted friend appear in the form of Jane, who took the space to heart, in a way, without knowing, a huge tribute to Giles' passion and imagination. Jane started this off by clearing the right hand side, planting 150 bulbs, climbers all up against the fence and more. It has since evolved organically every day. Michael likes to go down there for his daily isolated exercise, usually 6-8pm, and it is growing and growing, with additions from new friends such as Dan on Outram Road, Gail passing by with a bounty of seeds, Bex (Crescent Road) with loads of bulbs, and more. We now have the Bedford Rose Garden! There are five roses. In fact, six with the Rambling Rector over the arch, plus Alexandra Pallets, the Fruit Train, a flat pallet which will be a veg bed, Gail's Garden to come, Dan's tree in the corner, and much more. It's evolving in many ways like the Friends started off - with the community donating ideas and plants. If you have an idea or something you'd like to offer to it, please do say. Otherwise, it's a nice walk for a water (with those great big bottles they sell in Crescent Supermarket!), and a lovely isolated space available for all. We have two keys at the moment, and can leave in a safe place for anyone who would like to go there just to relax, and/or water, or anything else. It's very much a community garden for us, the community of Ally Pally. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy watching it grow as you pass by. Do take care on that path, which seems not to be great for 2 metres! We think it should be one way. But enjoy the BR Gardens on your walks, from any angle, and we very much hope that it gives us all something to enjoy together at this time. So hopeful and comforting to have growth and hope. On which note, Dave is dear to us as he is to all in the area. His grapevine, which he gave to us, is at the top by Bedford Road (on the left out of view in this picture). so do say hello to Dave when you pass. We are thinking of him every minute of every day. x


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  • Hi All,

    Just to update you on the BR Garden.

    People are enjoying watching out for new things each day. Lots to report, but various include Gail's Garden seedlings coming up strong, the path now laid with 'Alison's Aggregate' (thank you Alison on Princes Ave!), a pond thanks to Luke and Grow N22, a 'HugelKultur' self-sustaining raised bed at the bottom, a seating area with roof made from a pallet, some chopped pallet borders for lavender to come, various new perennials and seeds... 

    With all the pallets, it may eventually have to be officially called Alexandra Pallets. We shall see..

    Oh, first harvest of mustard greens is ready, so look out for bags to take for free by the gate soon...

    I'm down there every evening 6-9, so pop by if ever you want to donate something or say hello. I can let people in for distanced tours!

    There are solar lights all around now, which come on around 9pm, and are really beautiful. I tend to stay there til then to see that! So peak visiting hours are probably 8-9, when I've done most of the day's work. 

  • Thank you folks. This is really heartening to hear! 

    Birgitte - thank you! In fact Dan (Dagmar) has just put a wild cherry (I think from the same source?) into the corner. We could definitely look and see if there's space for another, although truth be told we are going relatively easy on the trees, considering that they're trying to limit leaves on the line etc... :) Let's see!

    Alice, thank you! I've emailed you from the FAPS address. 

  • Hello I would love to get involved, I have been growing some seedlings which when they are big enough can bring down 

    please let me know how best to get in touch to find out when is best to go and work there and if there is a plan for what currently needs doing? Thanks alice dagmar Rd alicesworld@yahoo.co.uk

  • lovely to see the progress in the new space - would you be interested in a wild cherry sapling? It was one for the Mayor of London free trees. 

  • Amazing, thank you to all!

    We are thinking of Dave ...

  • This is wonderful to see, and I know it will give pleasure to so many over the coming years. I've added a picture of Gail's generous donation of seeds.


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