Cat gone missing?

This young one's been around here - dog-leg end of Alexandra Park Road - on and off for a few days though we hadn't seen it before, so wondered if it had strayed from home. 

Rather a beautiful creature - pure white with light blue-grey eyes - and agile and curious ... well, a cat!

No collar or name tag so post here if it belongs to you or someone you know. How to retrace or 'capture' it can then maybe be sorted...

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  • Hello,

    He is my kitten, he is 7 months old and deaf. His name is Lufian (which means "love" or "one who is full of love" in old English). I found him in Greece as a very tiny kitten, starving and abandoned. It was love at first sight and I brought him all the way back here. We moved to Alexandra Park Road at the end of November.

    He is a free spirit and loves roaming but he is very sociable and will meow at you for petting or interaction/play time, especially if I am at work. It is not because he is hungry. I love him very much so if he does come to you, please do not "capture" him, he always comes home for snuggles and food and I would be very worried and upset if he didn't come home. I don't mind people giving him the odd treat but please do not feed him as he has a special diet due to his digestive system being weak as he had an obstruction in his intestine when I found him. We live at Flat 1, 317 Alexandra Park Road so feel free to bring him round if he is being nosy and sniffing around your house too much or knock on my door and I'll come and get him. He loves children and is friendly so it is fine for children to pick him up and play with him, he would like that! He won't spray as he is neutered.

    Thank you for your concern about my fur baby but please do not "capture" him!


    • I love his name!

    • Thank you! I came across it whilst looking for a name meaning “love” as it’s the first thing that entered my mind when I found him. Strangely, after naming my Lufian, I met a Flemish man a few days later named Luvien, which has the same meaning. Never heard the name before or since.
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