3739250780?profile=RESIZE_710xThe audience filled AP Library on Friday afternoon for a wonderful Chopin recital by local musician Stephen Baron. The music - starting with a composition by a 7-year old Chopin - was interspersed with a vivid account of Chopin's life, narrated by Marguerite Duncan-Sutherland, and Stephen also gave us insights into how Chopin composed his works.

The concert celebrated the arrival of a new piano in the Library, with funds raised by SAPL, the Supporters of Alexandra Park Library, who also organised the event. Looking forward to more concerts! 3739055112?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • It was very interesting to hear Stephen talking about the music and what Chopin was thinking of when he wrote it - the references to folk music and other composers like Mozart - his borrowings and changes. It allows you to hear a good deal more in the music than before. Thanks very much Stephen.

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