CPZ extension cancelled!

Small beer compared with Brexit misery but I’ve just heard that the CPZ extension has been cancelled. Letter has been sent to residents, dated 22 June. Seems that the support from those who voted for the CPZ extension was cancelled out by the din raised by those who voted against and didn’t like the way it was planned to be implemented. So the whole thing has been cancelled, and no further consultation to take place. Anyone who's already paid for a permit will be refunded. I wasn’t aware that any consultation had taken place leading to this decision – conversations in the street and discussion in smoke-filled rooms, perhaps, but nothing in writing to indicate that reconsideration was taking place. A clear vote in favour of the CPZ by those most affected has been overturned by those sufficiently unaffected by the current CPZ to have voted ‘No’ during the consultation exercise. Seems that a democratic process has been subverted. Councillors, please could you respond and tell us how this process was conducted. Perhaps Brexit can be cancelled next?

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