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Hi All,

I've had a number of of reports that the old facade has been destroyed at Dave's old shop - whilst Crescent Road is not a conservation area, I agree that this was not part of the original planning permission. 

I have written to planning & building Regs teams to ask for an immediate update on this, and what the plans are for the frontage. 

I will keep you all updated on this


Best wishes



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  • Dear All,

    I've had the below update from the team at Haringey Council. 

    I have asked to be kept updated on the next steps. I have also submitted an enquiry (as per below) with regards to what protections can be put in place. 


    I will update as soon as I hear more. 


    Kind Regards,




    The managing agents City Homes Estates have been contacted and advised to stop works whist the investigating is underway. A Planning Contravention Notice PCN is being prepared to assist with this process.

    The shop is located within a Local Shopping Centre and current planning policy seeks to sustain the retail function of such centres including this instance. Therefore in terms of its use the Council can review how the unit could be used supported by its policy DM43 ‘Local Shopping Centres’ of the DM DPD Local Plan.  

    With regards to physical development, having the designation of a conservation area and / or listed building also helps to strengthen the Council’s position against unsympathetic development but in this case the shop is not within a conservation area and the building is not listed. For now the main route to unauthorised development is enforcement against any substantiated harmful alterations etc.


    If the residents are interested in finding out how heritage protection can be established for properties like this they can in the first instance submit an enquiry online using this link -  https://eforms.secure.haringey.gov.uk/ufs/CST_BCF.eb?FT=PGE&ebd...  to the council and someone from the conservation team will provide further clarification on what this could entail. I hope this helps.   


    • Thanks, Nick. I have a photo of what the shop used to look like, if that helps.


    • 👍🏽

  • Thanks Nick for taking up this issue. I was flabbergasted when I saw what had been done to what was a lovely shopfront.

  • Thank you Nick. 

  • I can't find the planning application on Haringey's website but can we put pressure on the company or people responsible as well as the Council?  This is absolutely awful and we need to make it clear that people can't behave like this with such a lack of respect and care. 


  • I'm happy if people want to add their names to the letter sent from various residents in Princes Ave.


  • Just to give a quick update on this vandalism. I have put in a further formal complain to Planning department and asked the enforcement team to urgently visit - I have not yet heard back (as of yesterday), and will chase up on Monday for an update. 

  • Hi Nick

    A number of people on my road are horrified to see that the shop frontage has been ripped out. Whoever did this should be made to reinstate it. It's a terrible act of sabotage. I also wonder if we can get the remaining shop frontages protected? 



    • I completely agree - it is vandalism! I have said in my correspondence to the planning and enforcement teams that the vandals will neeed to put back the front rage to the original. Interesting point about protecting the remaining frontages - I'll do a bit of digging and see what we could do. 

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