Hi. I did hear some time back that the breeze block built houses in Durnsford Road were going to be pulled down, is it still going to happen? I am new to this site, so not up to date with what is happening in this area. I used to live in one of them during the 60s and believe they were only intended for a 50 year duration. Would be interested to know. Thanks.

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  • Tunnel Gardens Estate is in danger of being demolished to make space for a denser modern development of mixed social and private housing. Tunnel Gardens houses are pre-fabs and have reached the end of their life. The cost of refurbishment is deemed to be too high by the Council. The plot on which the estate sits is rather larg (back gardens are 100 ft plus long, all houses semi-detached, the cul-de-sac spacious...). 

    The houses may no longer be comfortable, but the estate is charming and beautifully situated. Also, such pre-fab estates were ubiquitous in post war London and very few survive today. This makes Tunnel Gardens estate of some historic interest and worth preserving. But the Council can get more units of social housing and avoid any costs if they sell the land to a developer. Liberal Democrats, the opposition pon the Council,  have opposed this because the new development would be of high density and impact on the surrounding area. 

    Check out the neighbourhood if you have time. It is one of the more charming tucked-in corners of Alexandra Park. Best to do it in a month or so as Bluebell Wood is at its edge. There are splendid views to be had over the allotments and the golf course towards the Palace. And delicious blackberries to pick in late summer on the old railway track. 


    • This cul-de-sac is indeed charming - the end of the road circles round a little grove of trees with a large ?willow in the middle, with a few spaced-out houses round the outside of the circle. I think it was part of the HDV plans.

  • I heard there was some talk about removing similar homes in Tunnel Gardens on the other side of Durnsford Road. Perhaps someone will be able to update us on what, if anything, is happening.

    • Hi, I will ask. I thought that was part of the Haringey Development Vehicle plans now superseded but will double check and let you know.... 

    • More generally - do you know, Alessandra (or anyone else), how Haringey's plans have changed since they dropped the HDV? e.g. what the plans are for the Library and the Civic Centre - do they still plan to build new ones in the 'new town centre'? I gather that the Mall is now not going to be demolished and redeveloped - this was not Council property anyway.


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