Recent incident of year 7 school children mugged after school for their phones and cash.

And latest communication from Alexandra ward police:

Dear residents.

Since the start of the year we  have been aware of a number of robberies of student-age victims in Muswell Hill and surrounding wards.   I would like to assure our communities that we have been working hard to prevent these crimes and bring those responsible to justice.  We quickly identified that a number of youths were congregating in communal areas of buildings on The Broadway, and this appeared to be the source of a great deal of the criminality.

To tackle this we increased police patrols using uniformed and plain clothes patrols and worked with the building managers  to improve security.

A prominent member of these youths, who actually lived in Croydon, was repeatedly arrested and then issued with a Community protection Notice. This action appears to have successfully curtailed this group's activity, but we are not complacent and continue to monitor the situation.

We have been holding meetings & regular contact session across your wards in order to discuss the situation with the community. However at a recent meeting, some concerned parents informed us they had not reported all offences to police, for a variety or reasons, It is vitally important that all such crimes are reported so police have the information to ensure resources are properly targeted.

We will continue to task our local and central resources into the area, in order to ensure that your wards remains safe, any criminality that jeopardises this will be tackled and offenders brought to justice.

If you have any information or concerns please report it to your local Neighbourhood team.


Kevin Blenkinsopp, Police Inspector



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