From David:

Does anybody else think that more foxes than ever have been seen in this area recently? I would be most interested to hear about the experiences of other local residents. Foxes are regularly seen resting on the rooves of sheds and summer-houses round here! Also, could there be any possible link with the high number of “lost cat” notices? Sorry to suggest such a grim idea!



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  •  Foxes and cats co-exist in an urban area quite happily and will naturally avoid each other. There may the occasion when a very vulnerable cat may become a victim, but that is likely to be very rare. Foxes are here to stay, but do not have an easy time of it. The vast majority will never reach their second birthday and urban foxes have a much harder time than their rural counterparts. Mange is the major problem, and if not treated they will die. Plenty of folk out there to help a fox in distress though. xx

  • I think foxes are quite shy and I've never seen them aggressive or confrontational. We have a pair that prowl the back gardens along my street. I've not seen any notices about missing cats in my area. If anything, they are thriving, judging from the deposits left in my flower beds!

  • This might help your fears:research

    Are foxes a threat to cats
    Are foxes a threat to cats? Great article by leading cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey. Talking to wildlife experts, cat owners and vets. Foxes and cats…
  • Yes, I'm definitely more aware of foxes than previous years. 

    • Our dog certainly thinks so too!

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