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just received an email from our ward MET team about reports of Burglaries on our ward. Here is their advice and reminder that you can ask the team about a home survey at SNTYR-.Alexandra@met.police.uk


Entry attempted via front ground floor sash windows and access to rear gardens via low boundary fences/walls.


Review home security, taking simple precautions can remove the opportunity for burglars targeting your home along with outbuildings. If you need further information or wish to have a home security survey conducted, contact Alexandra SNT.



Prevent access through your windows

Burglars tend to target windows as they generally offer easier access than doors. Take a good look at your windows from the outside and remove any potential access points where possible. Are there any walls, bins or garden furniture that could be used to reach windows? Don’t give thieves a leg-up, and for windows that are within reaching distance such as ground floors, see our tips below.

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1. Laminated glass or security film is recommended for ground floor and accessible windows.

2. Sash stops prevent anyone opening the sash window enough to climb through.

3. Key operated locks are recommended for window types that open out, rather than up, and any ground floor or accessible windows. Remember, window locks are only effective if used, so check that you have locked them before you leave home or go to bed.

4. Window opening restrictors allow you to ventilate your home but make sure they can’t be picked and unlocked from outside.

If you’re replacing your windows, always consider a security accredited product as these windows are tested to British standards and are insurance approved.


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  • Many thanks Alessandra. Once again we are reminded that ground floor windows are a favourite entry point for burglars in our neighbourhood. Therefore hedges in front gardens need to be kept low otherwise they provide a perfect shelter for breaking and entry. 

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