It looks like we are actually going to get lifts at the station - 3 of them! It was announced at the Haringey Transport Forum today that Network Rail are currently estimating the cost (by end of October), and a bid will go to the DfT for funds, with results in mid November. The rep from Great Northern/Govia seemed to think that it was definitely going to happen, which is great news for many people in this neighbourhood!

Also, works to improve the drainage on the footbridge are starting on 17th October - he wasn't very clear about what these works would consist of, and said he would find out (I seem to remember that works have been carried out before which were not very effective).

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  • Ah well, I guess Covid is to blame for the lastest delays on these works - lifts are still in the pipeline, but doesn't sound as if they are as imminent as was announced in last September's Transport Forum (I can't remember what date they gave this time ...).But this is a DfT responsibility, so shouldn't depend on the depleted revenues of the train companies/Network Rail. As Alex said, it is now illegal for rail vehicles to be inaccessible to the disabled.

    There was another Forum last week,and the rep from Great Northern/Govia said that passenger numbers are down 50%, and they would be reducing their timetabled services to 75% of the current service.

    Also more delays re: the puddles on the footbridge! Surpise surprise - Network Rail have apparently cleared the drains, but as to doing something about the gradient on the footbridge so that water can drain away, the rep said that he was awaiting a date from them ...

  • I'm surprised that providing facilities for disabled people is not illegal.

    But then I'm probably naive!

    This is what I found when trying to research this for those who are interested:

    Accessible rail transport
    • Thanks for this, Alex. From this link - I see that a comment on regulations passed in 2010 and 2011 specifies that

      "Both sets of regulations require that all rail vehicles must be accessible by no later than 1 January 2020"  - so it is now illegal!That's heavy rail, light rail and metro-type.

      Maybe that's why the rep for Great Northern was so certain that funding would be made available for this (being applied for now). But still, Hornsey station, at least, will not be accessible.


  • Thank goodness. When they weren't installed at the last renovation I thought what a missed opportunity!  All this time ppl with mobility problems have been overlooked. No excuse, but glad the situation will change. 

  • This is excellent news - and about time! As a mobility scooter user the station is completely out of bounds for me. This would open up all sorts of possibilities for journeys I currently couldn't even consider undertaking. No doubt for many other locals too.

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