The Bounds Green scheme will be rolled out on an experimental basis from the end of January 2022, with monitoring of air quality and traffic. 

The schemes can be changed in response to feedback from residents before they are made permanent.

Details are in Haringey Community Press:

and in the Ham&High:



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  • Dear all - I want to provide an update on this as I recently asked officers about:

    1)    The next steps on the implementation of the Bounds Green LTN following approval at Cabinet in December

    2)    The implementation of future LTNs and particularly about the timescale for the Alexandra North LTN

    This below is the response I got back today. Disappointing to hear about the uncertainty of the Alexandra North LTN funding. Please get in touch if there is any feedback to pass on or any further query we can help with.

    Officers are currently working up a detailed programme for the delivery of the Bounds Green LTN and associated complementary measures. Once this is agreed with the responsible Cabinet member then you and other ward members will be contacted and provided with full details.

     At the current time I am unable to provide a defined timescale for implementing further LTNs than those already approved by the Council. The Transport Planning Team is currently analysing responses to the consultation on the Draft Walking and Cycling Action Plan and this will help inform programming of future LTNs. Due to the suspension of London Boroughs’ Local Implementation Plans and associated funding from TfL there is presently a lot of uncertainty about the Council’s future funding position. Once the LIP is reinstated or TfL is otherwise able to provide more certainty about future funding for borough transport schemes then we will be able to advise further regarding programming of future transport schemes including LTNs. As advised in our ME response on 6 September, Alexandra North LTN is a high priority for future implementation.


    • Air pollution in Outer London boroughs is up to FIVE times higher than in Central London:

      Air pollution is reducing far more slowly in outer London than central London - AirQualityNews
      Air pollution is declining far more slowly in outer London than in central London, according to new data published today by City Hall.  The data reve…
    • The lack of a timescale for further LTNs in Alexandra Park etc. is shockingly incompetent in the face of the increasing threat from the Climate Crisis. It costs the council MORE to take no action to reduce motorised traffic and parking than to act decisively and early..
      A new study published in Science Direct calculates that each privately owned car costs society almost £5000 per annum in damage to health/social costs..
      The revised Highway Code also makes clear the priority of pedestrians and cyclists (including disabled active travellers and wheelchair users) over cars. They need to be given much more space and opportunity to travel safely and expeditiously on foot, by bike/trike or by bus.
      The lifetime cost of driving a car
      The car is one of the most expensive household consumer goods, yet there is a limited understanding of its private (internal) and social (external) c…
  • Haringey has been instructed by Government ‘Engagement, especially on schemes where there is public controversy, should use objective methods, such as professional polling to British Polling Council standards, to establish a truly representative picture of local views and to ensure that minority views do not dominate the discourse. Consultations are not referendums, however. Polling results should be one part of the suite of robust, empirical evidence on which decisions are made.'
    ‘Truly representative’ - A lot of people who filled in the questionnaire were car owners. But the majority of residents do not own cars.
     Car owners were therefore over-represented. 
    ‘Local views’ - A lot of the car drivers do not live in this borough. Thus, they did not represent local views.
    The consultation showed that walking is the most commonly used mode of transport, especially by the young, the old and the disabled population (81-97%).
    The consultation also showed that large numbers of people were concerned about car traffic volume and air quality. 
    ‘Decisions must be made on robust, empirical evidence, not on consultation alone (and consultations are not referendums).
    Empirical data have clearly shown the benefits of LTNs in reducing car volume and improving air quality. Especially in neighbouring Hackney, or in Hammersmith & Fulham: Before the low traffic neighbourhood went in, 87% were opposed to reducing through traffic on residential streets. After it went in, 91% supported reducing through traffic. 
    A truly monumental swing that shows the importance of taking a decision supported by scientific data.
    Traffic Management Act 2004: network management to support recovery from COVID-19
  • I would just like to add that in the consultation carried out and evaluated by Haringey showed 65% of those who responded did not want the solution to quietening traffic that LTNs will bring. Instead of breaking the community into tiny areas we suggested many other solutions. None were taken on board. The "consultation" was skewed from the start to get the answer the council wished. More traffic will be poured onto poorer areas and Bounds Green Road - already often nose to tail - with its three schools will be the recipients of even more pollution. 

    • Busy Roads and traffic 'break' communities. LTNs - where children can play and people can walk and chat don't. How does rat running help a community? If traffic is an issue, enabling more of it (which rat running does) will not alleviate traffic. Providing alternatives that are safe, easy to use and contiguous will get people out from their cars and reduce the traffic for essential users. 

    • The notion that making a few roads in the area cul-de-sacs is going to "break the community into tiny areas" is utterly absurd. 

      Go and visit De Beauvoir LTN in Islington - has been there decades. There is more community feel there than anywhere in Haringey. Speeding, rat running cars divide communities. 

    • TV

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