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Haringey Parks and Green Space Strategy development

Dear Friends of Parks, Allotment Forum, Rivers Forum, user groups and others,

Please see below the initial list of workshops in support of the development of the Haringey Parks and Green Space Strategy 2021-2036.

there is a (free) ticketing system using Eventbrite for most of the workshops,

Please click on the links in the table below for the sessions you would like to attend.

We are using Eventbrite to help with planning but if anyone wants to attend and hasn’t got a ticket, we will be very pleased to see you.

The workshops are taking place at George Meehan House, London N22 8YX on weekday evenings between 6.30-8.30 pm.

The entrance is from the western side adjacent to Earlham Grove.

Entrance to the building requires visitors to be let in so if the session has started please bear with us and we will be out as soon as possible to let you in.

The format of sessions will broadly be as follows:

1) Introductions by all

2) Brief scene setting by Paul

3) What would attendees like to see achieved through the Strategy (in the areas under discussion that evening)? Input from all attendees.

4) What approach is the Council proposing to take towards the Plan, Policy or Standard? Objectives, scope, outputs, outcomes and key issues.

5) Feedback to the Council from attendees. Are the objectives, scope, outputs and outcomes and key issues in line with attendees’ expectations?

6) What else should be included?

7) What are the key issues for attendees?

8) Summary and next steps by Paul.

9) Final feedback from attendees

In advance of each session we will issue a written document to the Friends Forum and other interested organisations to describe the proposed content of the relevant plan or policy, any appropriate statistical information, legal requirements or other baseline information. These will form the basis of the Council presentation for item 4 above.


We will also be issuing a note of all the workshops to the Friends Forum and other organisations on request after the workshop has taken place.

Light refreshments in the form of tea/coffee and water will be available at all of the sessions

Dates and times


Attendees (LBH staff and others

Eventbrite sign up.


6.30-8.30 pm

Usage of Parks, community events, accessibility, physical activity, better serving all residents, food growing, barbecues  in parks

Glynis Kirkwood Warren, Nii Saki- Barnor, Alistair Smith, Consultation Manager, Paul Ely,

Sarah Jones




6.30-8.30 pm

Volunteering and engagement (for street trees, roadside verges and planters, quality standards and community monitoring of quality standards.

Glynis Kirkwood Warren, Nii Saki- Barnor, Alistair Smith, Consultation Manager, Paul Ely




11 am-1 pm

Friends Forum (focus on Volunteering and Engagement)

Paul Ely, Consultation Manager, Simon Farrow, Glynis Kirkwood Warren



6.30-8.30 pm

Enforcement, dog control, licensed activities, parks safety,

Nii Saki- Barnor, Alistair Smith, Paul Ely




6.30-8.30 pm

Waste Management and recycling, litter, Water courses (in parks) and flood management

Glynis Kirkwood Warren, Chris Patterson, Paul Ely

Sahina Choudhury,




6.30-8.30 pm

Sustainable design and planting, use of herbicides, pesticides

David Theakston, Alistair Smith, Nii Saki- Barnor, Paul Ely




6.30-8.30 pm

BAP, Trees and woodlands

Annabelle Foskett (new Nature Conservation Officer), Alex Fraser, Paul Ely




6.30-9.00 pm

Funding for Parks, staffing of parks

Simon Farrow, Paul Ely, Matthew D







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