Hi all,

Haringey has started working on the Highways Works and Maintenance Plan for 2022/23. We already have several issues and ‘hot spots’ you have raised with us and fed into last year's submission, in addition we would like to hear from you about new:

  • Paving that needs replacing 
  • Carriageway that needs resurfacing
  • Street lights that need upgrading
  • Railings/bollards that need replacing/fixing/painting
  • Drains causing problems

Please do get in touch before Wednesday 20/10 if you have suggestions or want to flag anything with respect to maintenance works.

Thank you!!

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  • The problem is that these plans should be holistic, not separate from traffic planning. For example, replacement of pavement is ineffective and presents a great cost to the taxpayer if the council has no Emergency Traffic Plan to stop pavements being cracked, by reducing car parking and through traffic.

    2 examples:

    1. The pavement outside the shops in Crescent Road is continuously cracked and broken. We have demonstrated with photos that these repairs last between 2 weeks and a few months at most - due to Haringey permitting pavement parking.

    2. Pavement in Alexandra Avenue was partially repaired 4 months ago following a personal injury due to tripping over the broken pavement (that had been marked for repair). The new paving slabs are already broken again. This is not a street with permitted pavement parking but it allow parking on both sides of the street. SUVs, delivery and removal vans park or reverse over the pavement.

    It would be cheaper and more effective for Haringey Highways Team to help develop a holistic, humane Emergency Traffic Plan, in line with Network Management Guidance. that filters all streets and replaces car parking with increased walking & cycling facilities, parklets and benches.

    Watch this video for inspiration: https://youtu.be/cdSSg9SZYAY

    • Dear Ade, thank you very much for flagging this. We have added the two pavements to the list of works and asked officers to look at the damage.

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Alessandra,

      Asking officers to repair broken pavements (that were used as an example of ineffective policy) was not really the point of my message....

    • Hello Ade,

      I am aware it wasn't the point of your message but I thought this needed also to be flagged. I thought I had replied in the past on this to say that I fully agree with your point and asked in all possible occasions that the area is looked at it olistically and not with piecemeal interventions. This is a message that as come loud and clear from you, us, other residents and PGRA, and you can rest assured that I, Josh and Nick, like many in the neighborhood will continue to press for it.   

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