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You might be aware that the Local Government Boundaries Commission is reviewing the Haringey Ward boundaries, and as part of the process Haringey Council have submitted their recommendations, which has been reported in today's Ham & High. The article incorrectly states that the proposals from the Local Boundary Commission will be published next week (this is incorrect, as the LGBCE has postponed the publishing until after the EU elections). 

However, importantly for Alexandra Ward, Haringey Council's proposal is to abolish Alexandra Ward and merge the East into Bounds Green and the West into a new Muswell Hill East ward. The Council's proposals means the Triangle, Albert Rec, Tunnel Gardens/Bidwell Gardens and the north half of Palace Gates Road would become part of the new Bounds Green Ward, and the rest will be Muswell Hill East. According to the Council's submission "The council believes voters in Alexandra have more in common with those in Bounds Green due to the Tube stations."

The Haringey LibDems submission to the consultation was to keep Alexandra Ward with some minor changes to the ward. 

the Local Government Boundary Commission will publish its draft recommendations at the end of May (28th of May), and then there will be opportunity for local residents, residents groups, etc., to make comments on the potential changes. Once the option for consultation goes live, we will be sharing with everyone the opportunity to make comments. Website HERE

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    • Indeed! 

      Haringey Council’s proposal is to create one or two new wards in the east of Haringey - around Tottenham Hale.

  • I don't understand the Ham&High's description of new ward boundary proposals - how could the 'top of Highgate Wood' relate to a new ward on the east side of Muswell Hill? Have to wait till Tuesday when the Council launches their public consultation, I guess. Here are the existing ward boundaries:

  • This is from the website of the Local Government Boundary Commission :

    We also aim to ensure that the ward boundaries reflect the interests and identities of local communities, as well as promoting effective local government.

    My personal view as a resident of Alexandra Park, living a stone's throw from Alexandra Palace and just few minutes' walk from Alexandra Palace station, is that I identify with the existing Alexandra ward. We even have our own dedicated community website, run by volunteers from the Alexandra Park area.

    • Indeed. Hence why we supported the retention of Alexandra Ward with some minor amendments. I would also be in favour of the ward name changing to Alexandra Park; but not sure if the commission would do that....

    • I agree with keeping “our” ward and also with a name change to Alexandra Park.  Perhaps this would help spur on/maintain the integrity of our little high street of shops in Crescent Rd. 

      Splicing PGR down the middle? Words fail me at the mo.  I’ll try to find some and contribute more re these shocking proposals. 


    • I notice that one resident suggested changing the name to Alexandra Park during the last ward boundary review in 1999, and the Commission said that since it was only one, they would not agree to it. Maybe if lots of people requested it, they would reconsider. That is, if the ward is not abolished altogether ...

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