Dear all,

During August we have received some updates on the Highways Works Plan 2020/21 approved last March. Last year we requested resurfacing for several streets and pathways, lightening in Dukes Avenue,  and crossing in Bedford Road, opposite St Andrew's Church and in Barnard Hill/Colney Hatch Lane junction. There have been some changes due to TfL funds withdrawal, and this has impacted mostly funding for Principal Road Maintenance , Local Cycle Measures, New Cycle and Pedestrian route Improvement measures. Road surfacing works for instance will be carried out only in 11 roads across the borough.

In our ward the following works have been confirmed:

  • LED roll out condition survey: several roads on the west of the ward (Muswell Avenue, Coniston Rd, Curzon Road, Dukes Avenue)
  • LED roll out  – High Energy Usage: Albert Road, Alexandra Palace Way, Alexandra Park Road, Bedford Road, Dunsford Road, Palace Gate Road
  • Carriageway and Footway Planned Maintenance  in Alexandra Park Road N22 (part)
  • Footway Planned Maintenance  in Cecil Road, N10 (part)
  • New Cycle and Pedestrian route Improvement measures (Walking measures – Bedford Road crossing)
  • Wood Green Inner & Outer CPZ Review will involve Woodside, Noel Park, Harringey, West Green, St Ann’s, Alexandra, Bounds Green

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Haringey has also started working on the Highways Plan for 2021/22. We already have several issues and ‘hot spots’ you have raised with us and fed into last year submission, in addition we would like to hear from you about:

  • Paving that needs replacing 
  • Carriageway that needs resurfacing.
  • Street lights that need upgrading. 
  • Railings/bollards that need replacing/fixing/painting
  • Drains causing problems.

Once we have a consolidated list we will feed this into the Highways Plan for 2021/2022, and each request will be assessed, prioritised and budgeted for if possible.  We have time until the 23rd of October.

Please note that this input request is for planned maintenance only, if there are emergency repairs needed these can be flagged either to us Councillors, to the Council at or via the ‘Love Clean Streets’ app ( this works for roads defects and potholes too).



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  • Thanks for this. So is the crossing near St Andrews Church looking unlikely? Rachael

    • Hi Rachel, Unfirtunately,and despite a very popular petition with several signatures,  Haringey think is not necessary. We will continue asking for it and I will provide more details once I have checked with Cllr Dixon, who has led on this.

This reply was deleted.

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