Hong Kong facemask

A friend with connections in Hong Kong sent me this link to a website for making diy face masks.  She tells me that there are English subtitles if your settings are right, you can guess from that that mine arn't.She also recommends the man size for people in this country and for men with beards to trim them. When I can work out what to make the lining from I will have a go at making one.



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    • Here is the original French design, accredited to the French equivalent of our BS, as mentioned in Le Monde. The description is rather difficult to follow, but it is in fact easy to make!


    • I'm VERY disappointed that the other doesn't seem to work. I was expecting to use it tomorrow morning.

      If the French pattern uses odd bits of cotton, like the other does, that would be good because I have lots of those ...


  • I have seen similar patterns where the inner layer is a vacuum cleaner bag

  • That's great, thanks very much, Cathy. Great idea to have a disposable inner layer (kitchen towel) between two cloth outer layers. Let us know how you get on.

    Your post didn't appear on the Latest Activity feed (at least not on mine), very strangely, so hopefully this reply will! Most unfortunate if important covid19 posts are not appearing ...

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