This winter our Thermal Imaging Group (TIG) volunteers will survey local homes using a thermal imaging camera to detect heat loss.  Images like the one above show heat loss and suggest where insulation or draughtproofing could cut fuel bills and carbon emissions. 

We need more people to help - could you be a TIG-er?
What’s involved?
Surveys take a couple of hours on winter evenings when outside temperature drops well below the indoor temperature.  We take images inside and outside, discussing with the householder what the camera is showing.  After the survey we send the digital images to the householder. 
What skills do I need?
None, as you'll be buddied up with an experienced TIG-er.

Can I have a survey of my own home?
Please be aware we already have a waiting list, and our capacity is limited by the weather and people available to do the surveys.  But if you volunteer you can borrow the camera to do your own survey!

I'd like to help with surveys - what next?
Great, thanks!  Please drop an email to Brian Simpson at 

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