I have several houseplants which need new homes because I have divided them and now have too many, they are two peace lilies and a type of begonia with large leaves with red undersides.  It looks very good on a window sill with the light shining through.

I have also got a large umbrella plant which is a kind of papyrus.  It has occupied our unused bath in a plastic washing up  bowl but we are going to say goodbye to the bath so the papyrus needs a new home.  It came as a cutting from one that lived outside but it needs to have a pond or a very wet place for that.

These plants are free to a good home,



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  • I would love some, please. An umbrella plant and or peace lily would be lovely if possible? best, Nicola 


    • Dear Nicola,

      I am trying to reply to you but I don't think the messages are going anywhere.  The peace lilies are still here.  My phone number is 02036382330

  • Dear Cathy I would love your begonia Rex if you still have it.

    I had one from my college days - but it died, I had had it for over 30 years!!


    Sue Sharp

    • Dear Sue,


      I have replied to you before but I don't think the reply is working so I am trying again.  I would be very happy if you had the Begonia.

      My phone number is 02036382330

This reply was deleted.

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