Hi,  Does anyone have an electric bike I could borrow for a few hours?  I don't want to buy one until I'm sure we (the bike and I!) can manage the hills around here.  I'm not sure how bikes are 'sized' but I'm a woman of 5'3".   Happy to leave something of value if need be as 'collateral' for your expensive bike!   

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  • Hi Lucy. You could try getting in touch with Peddle My Wheels (https://www.peddlemywheels.com/) who provide a 'try before you bike' scheme in Haringey, including e-bikes. Should be a way of trying one out without making too much of an initial outlay, and if you like the bike you can keep it and pay it off in installments. They are prioritising key workers right now though so there is probably quite a long wait.

    Just to echo what Richard says, the quality of the motor makes a huge difference to how useful an e-bike is. The better quality ones offer an almost completely seamless transition between powered riding and your own effort - the best way I can describe it is like having a fair wind at your back on every ride, with the motor also appearing to flatten out any hills. Definitely worth trying out a few options.

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  • Hi Lucy - I have lived in North London for ages and I can guarantee a eBike will manage the hills. As long as you buy a good one - you should be looking at a budget of around 1.5K (minimum) I think my bikes would be too big for you to try but I can recommend two good eBike shops - one in Camden and one in Bermondsey - you can at least see what they have to offer. As I said an eBike will easily deal with the hills around here. 

    • Thanks so much, Richard.  That's a lot more than I can spend, I'm afraid!  I had looked at Halford's who if I remember correctly had one for about £850.  I'm 72 and don't need it for a daily commute or anything, so a cheap & cheeful one may do me!

      Thanks again for the advice!


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