from Haringey Living Streets:

Haringey Council recently hosted a London wide event at Alexandra Palace on Liveable Neighbourhood Schemes with TFL. More information on the event, which we attended is available here. We were delighted to hear commitments from Haringey Council to tackle car dominance on our streets. Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner urged councillors to take the lead on transforming their streets. ‘You have real power. Tell your officers what you want to see, and don’t accept it if they say it’s too difficult.’
Following the event, Haringey Living Streets have now agreed to co-host an event in September with Haringey Council and the Haringey Cycling Campaign on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Haringey specifically. We want learning from that conference to be shared with residents in Haringey. We’ll be in touch shortly to confirm a date.
We are now aware of residents groups in St Anns Ward, Bruce Grove and Wood Green who are all exploring how low traffic neighbourhoods could be implemented in their communities. Here is an example of work being done in St Ann’s on this. If you are part of a resident’s association which would like to do the same – let us know!

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