sorry if this has already been posted, just a a quick remind that under the CIL regulations, 15% of the money collected from new developments must be spent on infrastructure provision in the local area in which the development takes place. This is referred to as the ‘neighbourhood portion’.
Haringey Council is now consulting residents and businesses to help identify potential infrastructure projects that could be funded with the neighbourhood portion of the CIL (in whole or in part).
For our area (Alexandra, Muswell Hill and Fortis Green wards) the neighbourhood portion amounts to £144K (up to £891K if considering current planning applications).

This money can be used to deliver a wide range of local projects, both existing or new. For example:

  • Road and footpath improvements
  • Tree planting
  • New or improved play spaces and facilities
  • Community safety measures (eg CCTV, lighting)
  • New or improved cycling facilities
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Improvements to school grounds and buildings
  • The improvement of local facilities such as libraries, community centers or sports halls

It is possible  to make suggestions through the survey linked below which closes on the 30th of November:

 In the meantime if you have any other feedback please get in touch and let us know !

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  • Hi Alessandra. I mentioned this in a different thread (, the exit of Crescent Mews opposite the Triangle needs urgent attention. Currently vehicles enter and exit the Mews at speed across the pavement (often having first driven on the wrong side of Crescent Road), I believe this will undoubtedly result in serious injury or death, most likely to a child pedestrian, if this issue is not addressed as a matter of urgency. This should be tackled at the same time as correcting a road layout at the junction of Crescent/Palace Gates Road that is both dangerous and largely inaccessible to anyone with mobility issues. There's clearly an opportunity here for 'new or safer road schemes' (as described in CIL guidance) here.

    In the context of TfL's research ( that walking and cycling improvement projects increase retail sales by 30%, the whole of the shopping area along Crescent Road needs improvement to save the shops there. Getting the cars off the pavement would be a good start. 

    Crescent Mews (potential development)
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    • Hi Grant, I agree and is important that as many as possible put it also in the survey so that when the results will be reviewed it will be clear that these are seen as a priortiy by the majpority of residents in the area and funds allocated ...

  • That's great news - thanks, Alessandra!  We haven't got very long to work out ideas, though ...

    Here's the info on LBH's website:

    and here is more general info. on the CIL:


    Community Infrastructure Levy Funding Consultation | Haringey Council
    The council collects money for infrastructure from new developments through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is a charge based on the fl…
    • Annabel, you are right,  there is not much time left. I am sorry for this late notice, unfortunately there are many deadlines and sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of everything... On the plus side there's still a week left and no need to go too much into detail like if a business plan quoting costing. resourcing etc., and is more important to offer pointers as the Council will use the suggestions as a starting point.

      Some additional details on the process after the consultation are also here:



      Community Infrastructure Levy Funding Consultation | Haringey Council
      The council collects money for infrastructure from new developments through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is a charge based on the fl…
    • Maybe it was in Haringey People, and I missed it ...


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