Local veg bag

Hello! Would anyone be interested in putting in an order for a weekly veg bag from NamaYasai? They're an organic farm specialising in local + Japanese veg, based in Sussex and delivering to London (within hours of picking!). It would be a weekly order at £13 per bag, more info here: https://namayasai.co.uk/

The only catch is we need to set up a collection point with at least 4 orders. I'm contacting some local businesses with one other person to find somewhere to take the delivery, so just need a couple more orders to make up the minimum.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks :)

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  • Hi Ellen,

    I'm abit late to the party but I love this idea.  Did you manage to find someone to take the delivery?


    • Hi Emily, glad to hear :) Not yet, I need to follow up with a couple of places - let me know if you have any ideas for places!


    • Hi Ellen,

      What about The Maid of Muswell or Victoria Stakes?  Maybe Zebra Ceramics.   I keep thinking of Owens but they sell veg so probably wouldn't want to.



    • Hi Emily,

      I haven't heard back from the other person who was interested, so think we'll struggle to get the minimum order together sadly. I might just put in an order for the nearest existing collection spot (Highgate I believe) - if you're still interested you could get in touch with Namayasai directly, and they'll get back to you about where's closest for you.

      Thanks for your interest, anyway :)

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