This tabby and white cat has been reported as lost since January from Dukes Avenue N10 and Boating Lake, Alexandra Palace N22 area. Please lookout for this cat.

URGENT - this cat appeared to be stray and was hanging around the Boating Lake & Dukes Avenue area. The cat might have a swelling on side and probably also needs neutering. Due to come in to The Scratching Post, but the cat has disappeared and they urgently need sightings. Please call them if you see this cat or if you are a vet/rescue/kind member of public who has taken this cat in. The Scratching Post Cat Rescue 01992 626110

They have put details on Animal Search

Animal Rescue charities like The Scratching Post recommend that it's vital for cats to be neutered and microchipped. Adult cats enjoy catflap access to a back garden - and cats need a catflap access to get back inside their home. They advise locking the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost or injured.

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  •  Unfortunately, I know that this cat was killed on January 8th - two dogs got into my garden from Alexandra Park next door (I am beside the boating lake).  I was unable to save it - Mina (Alexandra Park Rd vet) couldn't find a chip., and so I paid for her to cremate it.  The dogs had ripped its throat out..  Even worse, on Feb 13th, the same dogs got back into the garden and killed my own lovely cat by trying to bite his head off.  I had tried to plug the hole, but foxes had dug it out again.  The police have made an intelligence report, and I have reported it to the Park Manager, who says he will inspect the hole and "give me his thoughts".  I also reported it to the Friends of Alexandra Park, and was disappointed that they didn't put the news in their latest newsletter.  It is obviously extremely worrying that such animals are being allowed to roan loose in a public place.  Both attacks happened at about 7.30 in the morning.  I saw the dogs the first time and heard a man shouting at them the second.  He must know what is happening as there was a lot of blood both times.  They could easily take a small dog, or even a child next time.  I have been in correspondence with someone who posted this same picture on Haringey On Line.  As many people as possible need to know of this danger.  I have patrolled the park several mornings att he same  times, but I assume that the owner has moved elsewhere.

    The dogs are a black, short and shiney -haired Staffie, and another one which I at first mistook for a fox - gingery colour.  I was so shocked I didn't notice the variety.  

    • These two dogs - or horribly similar - have also been reported behaving in a similarly murderous fashion on the south side of the park, by Redston field. I think they attacked two cats. Awful.


    • I am so sorry Tessa about what happened.

      (Yes it was me who also corresponded with you on Harringayonline).

      I have sent you a private message.



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