Haringey Council have set up a commonplace map on which you can enter your options about the proposal to have a low-traffic neighbourhood in the Winton Avenue/ Woodfield Way neighbourhood, and also on the other side of Bounds Green Road, in the Haringey Bowes area. Everyone can comment - you don't have to live in the neighbourhood! They have been prompted to do this by Enfield's introduction of a low-traffic neighbourhood in their part of Bowes Park. Will the implementation of these Low-traffic neighbourhoods have implications for the Palace Gates neighbourhood?


Haringey are planning many different sorts of consultations on this topic - including for those who are not computer-savvy.

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  • Hi all,

    just want to add that Haringey is also planning public meetings for the LTNs consultation, online for the time being due to lockdown restrictions, See details at :  






    Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Haringey | Haringey Council
    About Low Traffic NeighbourhoodsFundingEngagement - Get Involved!Bowes LTN in Enfield and the Bounds Green LTN in HaringeyBroadwater Farm Estate and…
    • 8572548087?profile=RESIZE_930xMany thanks, Alessandra. That's Tuesday 23rd February, 7.30-9pm, pre-registration essential.


  • It's so good to have an LTN in Bounds Green etc. - I wish there were more of those. Alexandra Park: Crescent Road is a well-known rat run, there is no space on pavements for all walking residents or safe cycling space on the road. Palace Gates Road is horribly congested with cars, buses and pavement parking making it almost impossible to navigate safely, especially for the many residents who do not own cars and/or who are disabled. Bedford Road is a nightmare in rush hour traffic - there were so many residents previously asking for bus gates here (at the last consultation) but nothing was done.

    All these places need physical filters and removal of street and pavement parking, to re-dress the balance and put people first, cars last

    It's perfectly easy here in Haringey to carry out the majority of journeys on foot or by bike.

    Car dominance has to stop. People, not cars should take priority in our streets so that we have cleaner air and fewer emissions. FOUR THOUSAND Londoners died from toxic air in 2019 (Southwark News) and globally, the death of 8.7m people was caused by fossil fuels.

    There are so many alternatives to cars nowadays. Lovely Ben from PedalMe gave me a free bike taxi service to get my vaccination recently. PedalMe, in conjunction with Lime, offers all Londoners up to 4 free rides to get to and from vaccination centres if they unable to walk or cycle themselves (I would have cycled but did not know how I would feel on my return :-)

  • May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and road

  • There's more info. about these plans here.

    Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Bounds Green
    Haringey may finally be catching up with the directive by the DfT last May for local councils to introduce measures to encourage Active Travel. This…
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