Hi all, just want to let you know that new EV charging points are being installed at Alexandra Park Road junction with Albert Road and Curzon Road junction Cecil Road. Works will be completed Monday next week.

As I know from the volume of emails and doorsteps conversations this is something residents are interested in, I would like to mention that the more requests there are for a specific area the more likely Haringey will look at the area and where to possible install EV points.

Please bear in mind there is a long waiting list and the plan is to add ~40 charging points in 2022, and while we continue to highlight we need more, it is important to make clear there is a local demand for it. Please see below for more details on the plan and how to request a charging point, and get in touch if you have any query or are requesting a charging point so that I can follow up with officers. 




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  • Why on the pavement, not in the street?? Why is it that Haringey council ALWAYS prefers to inconvenience & obstruct people who walk or use wheelchairs or cycle? Even though this is the huge majority!


    • From the photos it looks like these new chargers are going in the street rather than on the pavement, and that the obstruction to the pavement is only while they're doing the installation work and need to access the buried cables.

  • They had to lay down electric cables for the charging towers

  • Why do they have to tear up the pavement to install car charging facilities? Where are the pedestrians including wheelchair users and disabled pedestrians going to go? It's horrendous that Haringey Council still operates a 'car first' policy, instead of complying with government advice to put Pedesrians first, Cyclists second - where is the cycling infrastructure in this road ?? - busses thirst, cars last. 

    There is no legal requirement whatsoever to accommodate car parking on any public roads.

    But there is a requirement to make a clear 2m width on pavements to allow wheelchair users to pass each other, and not be discriminated against.

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