I have reported loud music coming from a parked car in the lay-by on Bedford Road by the entrance to Alexandra Palace several nights over this past week to the 101police switchboard and the Haringey Noise service.

A car, with passengers usually arrive at about 10pm and can continue with the music pounding until midnight or beyond - last night it was until 1.30am. They appear to have drinks perched on top of the car roof, and smokes, according to my neighbour who had a better view than I, and says he can identify them. He also managed to get a reg number which I reported.

I have tried the Haringey noise team, but my first couple of reports fell on deaf ears, as apparently there was no team on duty. I finally spoke to someone last night and was told I’d get a call in half an hour. However, after an hour and a half I called back as suggested by the lady on the 101 switchboard. I then did get a call-back from them and was told it would be investigated.

It takes me ages to get through to the 101 number - over 15 minutes last night, and the whole business is really stressful.

I’m not sure what happened last night - whether the noise team or a squad car arrived to move them on, or whether at 1.30am they just stopped partying and went home.

Does anyone have advice?

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