email from Joyce Rosser:

I thought it might be a good time for a mention of Olio - the free food network.

If you would like some free food, you can download the app and see what is available from the 2500 members locally. (Most days there is usually any amount of in-date bread, cake, croissants etc given by bakers and grocers). If you would like to offer food or drink - perhaps left over from Christmas - download the app and let your neighbours know.

 There are now local Olio sharing networks in over 44 countries but Olio was started on Crouch Hill, so we in N8 have the highest density of sharers anywhere in the world. There are drop boxes all over the place if you would like to leave or collect items, including the small Haelen Centre (Park Rd) and Oddbins.

 More about Olio here.  It's a great local resource.




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