Outram Road N22 memories - the midwife


Prompted by Susie Holden when we met for the first time recently, I am posting this picture of my mother Mabs Mountain who was a district midwife living in Outram Road from the 1960s to the 1980s. Her 'patch' varied over the years from Haringey to Highgate till her retirement in 1973 but she delivered at least one Outram Road baby. As the photo shows, she adored her job. The caption on the back of this photo is 'Andrew Richard 1963', so the baby would be 57 now. Are there any families out there who had her help to deliver their babies at home?

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  • She delivered me! (in Outram Road). I was born in our front room & she had a student midwife assisting. It wasn't the done thing at the time for the father to be present so dad was in the kitchen. The student had been out at a party the night before so he made lots of coffee...kept him occupied, lol. I can still remember Mrs Mountain from when I was a kid - a lovely lady. 

    • Great to hear that, Mitch. My mother loved helping women give birth at home. She said she always remembered the woman was in charge and she was just a guest with a useful skill, there by permission of the family.

  • Omg, Mrs mountain delivered my brother in 1963. So lovely to see this photo. My mum remembers her car getting stuck on a heap of snow. We lived in Bolster Grove, off crescent rise. So lovely to see this,thank you. Xx

    • Great to hear. Yes 1963 was the really hard winter.

  • What a lovely picture - thanks Julia! I love the baby's expression. Perhaps we should have an APN archive? And start collecting more local memories and nuggets of social history, as you suggest.

  • This is wonderful Julia. Thanks so much for posting.

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