Some people have expressed concern that the extensive works planned for Ally Pally station will omit a pedestrian bridge for people just wanting to cross the railway. I have located the planning application (HGY/2023/0881), and am not sure that this is actually the case. There is a letter from Network Rail which gives an overview of the works (the many detailed plans also included are really unintelligible to non-specialists!):

Ally Pally Part 18 England.pdf

The planning application was submitted in March, and deadline for comments was unfortunately 24 July.

What do others think about this?


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  • Hi all, an update form GTRail on the footpath flooding. After a site visit in January it has been decided to install a new drainage channel (I have seen the picture on the side of the Bedford Road entrance so it should have been done alreday) and to resurface the footpath. The resurfacing works will take place for 4-5 nights starting on the 23 February. This is all an interim measure as both myself and Friends of Ally Pally (Michael) have been told this will be properly addressed with the station refurbishment.  


  • HI, have received further responses from Network rail about the drainage on the footbridge:  As part of the improvement works, the bridge is due to be resurfaced with a slip resistant surface and improved camber to tackle drainage issues. It would not be possible to carry out this resurfacing work ahead of the project going ahead as so much of the planned work is inextricably linked. However in response to your request for clarity on how this issue will be managed in the meantime, I have been in touch with maintenance colleagues and a meeting is due to take place on-site this week to discuss and agree a way forward with our maintenance contractors.

    I have asked to let me know if a way forward or ar alternative solution will be found after this meeting. I have also received this info graphic to share and help clarifying some of the queries raised, I have  suggested this is put inside the station too, in case not considered already. 

    Will keep you all posted if I have any further update :)


    • Fantastic! Thanks, Alessandra. 

      Quite amazing that NR haven't sent that image to the actual Rail User Group, but there we are! Their engagement has been slow (and I've been busy), so appreciate you chasing very much. This should obviously be posted at the station and we should be able to share it on socials. It's all a bit chaotic there - we have two noticeboards for the Friends for which we have the keys, and I'd be happy enough to put this on there, but they have plenty more space, too, and even more since taking out a ticket vending machine. 

      Particularly fantastic news about the possible progress on the flooding - huge thanks! :)

    • Love the graphic! And if they really do get to do something constructive about the puddles before 2025, that would be great. Many thanks as usual for all your work, Alessandra!


  • Thanks Alessandra. 

    If it's really not til Spring 2025, could you please get Highways to resurface the footpath/PRoW until then? They could afford a lot of money to completely resurface Palace Gates Road (evidently to make it smoother for cars), but that path still lacks a camber to drain off rainwater, and is simply not fit for purpose as a RoW. Wouldn't cost them much in the scheme of things. Can you zone in on this for us, please? 

    • Hi Michael, my understand from past correspondence with Network Rail is that the footbridge is their responsability, and this is what I was told a couple of months ago:

      With the current drainage issue that's causing the flooding, the buildings team advised they are currently doing everything they can to improve the drainage in this area, and have put down slippery when wet signs for the time being to make sure pedestrians aware of the issue here and walk with caution.

      As the issue is quite challenging the team advised it may take some time to completely resolve the issue, but rest assured they are doing everything they can.

      I agree that given that completion date is now Spring 2025 there's definitively scope for addressing the situation,  so I have asked them if they can do something about it. Thanks for raising and reminding me of this, will keep you posted

    • Some time ago I asked Joanne McCartney to chase Network Rail on this issue (she's both GLA rep for this area and a member of the transport committee) and she at last got a response from them yesterday, which makes the points much more succinctly than on the planning website, including about the puddles issue! Here they are in brief:

      • The current footbridge will be retained – it will be resurfaced with an improved camber to improve drainage and the structure will be extensively sandblasted and painted.
      • The public right of way will also be retained – the current barrier down the centre of the bridge will be removed as will revenue protection barriers to improve the flow across the bridge for rail passengers and members of the public.
      • To provide Access for All, the multi-million-pound project will provide a ramp at the station entrance and three lifts from the existing footbridge to the platforms below.
      • Buckingham Road Bridge is the likely diversion that will be used while the construction work is underway.

      Alessandra has been really really effective at getting the Council to act on these issues, and communicating with NR, but it always helps to have other sources of influence!

  • Good afternoon all - further udpates below from me. Please get in touch if there is any additional points that need clarifying, thank you!

    • Haringey has published the officer report on the Network Rail planning application, it's under the section 'Files
    • At the Transport Forum on Monday it has been further confirmed that the Right of Way will be conserved on the foorbridge, it is only the segregation to be removed. Network Rail has also confirmed that the contractor stll needs to be appointed, but they hope the works will be completed by Spring 2025
    • The agent has aprovided the following clarifications on the issues raised :
    1. Are there any works proposed to the ramped access to/from Bedford Road - No works are proposed to the section of walkway from the end of the bridge through to Bedford Road.
    2. Clarification on the right of way   - The public footpath along the bridge will be retained – the only difference will be the removal of the segregated element of the bridge.


    The path will remain as it is today save for the Buckingham Road end where it will be diverted slightly as per the tabled drawings, with a short staircase and ramp to account for the slight difference in levels once the new bridge superstructure is in place. The actual right of way will be diverted either down the ramp or stairs accordingly, with the other being deemed a “permissive route”.


    1. How the right of way works given segregation between station and non-station users of the bridge is gone - The revenue protection that is currently on the entrance to the bridge via the ticket office will no longer be in place and there will be unrestricted access across the bridge for users of the footpath once it is re-built and the central barrier has been removed.
    2. What temporary measures would there be for through access while works are being undertaken / or how long would the through access be unavailable? The diversion route during the works would be via the road bridge to the north. At this stage we have no precise indication of time but it will be at least six months.
    3. Could there be a less obtrusive ramp design at the east end, for example a spiral ramp (with no stair)?  Because of the required gradient for such structures without landings (1:21) the actual land take would be similar if not more than the proposed structure.
    4. Are there plans to install a toilet at the station? This is not within the remit of the AfA scheme and thus will not be provided. The provision of such facilities is a matter for the incumbent station facility operator (GTR). 
    5. Who will be responsible for maintaining the footpath. For example, will it be gritted in icy weather by Network Rail or by the Highway Authority?  At this stage we cannot confirm who will be responsible for which element of the footpath as there is no written agreement (as far as we know) on the division of maintenance responsibilities but it is likely that the current arrangements (whereby the paths in the station area are gritted by GTR) will continue. Strictly speaking this is not a matter for the prior approval but we can confirm the current and likely arrangements in due course.


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  • Super - thank you, Alessandra. It sounds like NR aren't rushing things, even if the council are being somewhat more shy about consulting on such a major project... 

    It will be interesting to see more on the question of a public RoW. It seems that there have been various things proposed/suggested/confirmed, including (which we heard a while back) simply having no ticket barriers at all, which wouldn't be too unusual, but fairly bad for revenue protection (then again, proper fare dodgers just bust through the barriers anyway, so may not be vital). This would seem to be the only way they could do it, so may need to be the case to emphasise, if there is a need for a campaign as such. 

    I reached out to our whole NR 'bridge team' a little while back, so imagine may hear something similar soon! All fairly reassuing from an engagement point of view from NR, in any case. More soon...

  • All - have received further updates directly from Network Rail with respect to planning application and footpath:


    Notification of the ‘Prior Approval’ planning application and consultation

    The upgrade is being delivered using our permitted development rights. A ‘prior approval’ application was submitted to Haringey Council on Wednesday 29 March, which allows for the local authority to feedback on the scheme’s siting and design. The decision on whether to consult stakeholders as part of the process for considering the permitted development application lies with the Council, however going forward I will make a point of trying to keep you informed about key milestones.

    The development of a detailed delivery plan will begin with the scheme contractors once they have been appointed. This is unlikely to be before early 2024, so there is time for further local engagement. I will continue to keep you and other stakeholders informed as the project moves forward.

     The Public Right of Way (RoW) across the footbridge

    Plans for the scheme were submitted to Haringey Council in June but unfortunately weren’t uploaded to the Council website until August. I can confirm that the public RoW between Buckingham Road and Bedford Road will be maintained, although it will have to close while construction work is underway with the likely diversion taking people over Buckingham Road bridge. This diversion will be advertised through normal channels.

    With respect to engaging with residents I have also reiterated the importance to meet with local community and Friends of the Station, and I was told that dates are being looked at for October, so I will keep you all posted. For those attending the Transport Forum on Monday I have also asked officers to add to the agenda an update from Network Rail on the station refurbishment. 

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