Another planning application has been submitted to build on the ‘Yard’ adjacent to Crescent Road Hardware store in Crescent Road. The plan is to build a flat with a ‘commercial unit’ on the ground floor. Full details of the issues involved can be seen here on the PGRA website

Dave who runs the hardware store is a stalwart of our community and there is every chance that if planning is approved we will lose a trusted and well used local business as there will be insufficient space for him to operate.

If you wish to comment or object to the development there is a link from the above site, or go directly to and search for the application HGY/2018/3155

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    • Thanks so much Nick. So glad to hear there might be next steps!

      The turnout was incredible - just about every seat taken in the public gallery. I didn't realise that community opposition plays absolutely no part in their considerations at all.

  • Hi All,

    An update! The development will be considered at the Planning Committee on 8th April from 7:00PM onwards in the Civic Centre. 

    I will be speaking against the development. 

    If you would like to come along, I have included the information below:

    The meeting is open to the public to attend. For further information on presenting your views at Planning Sub-Committee please see:


    If you wish to address the Planning Sub-Committee you must advise the Council by noon on the working day immediately prior to the Sub-Committee meeting (for a Monday meeting this would be by noon on the Friday prior to the Sub-Committee). Persons interested in addressing the Committee in relation to an application on the agenda should contact the Committee secretariat Felicity Foley on 0208 489 2919 or email The number of speakers will usually be limited to two speaking in favour of the application and two speaking against the application with a time limit of 3 minutes for each speaker i.e. a maximum of 6 minutes. Please be advised that speaking slots will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.

    • Thanks, Nick!


    • I've just read the paperwork re: the development, and Council Officers have recommended to the committee to APPROVE the development - so it'll be extremely important that we get a large crowd of people along to the committee meeting, and that local residents speak against the development, if they wish to do so. 

    • So the council is minded to approve this development? Important that people turn up at the committee meeting then.


    • Hiya, the officers have recommended that the development is approved. Yes, it will be important that we get lots of people to attend the planning sub committee, so that the planning committtee can see the local opposition to this development. 

    • I seem to remember that the last planning application for Dave's yard (this is the fourth) was rejected because of what the proposed new building would look like (just like the phone mast in Bedford Road!). I guess this time the developers have come up with something that the planning dept do not object to on those grounds.

      But it is counter-productive, to say the least, to destroy one business for the sake of creating a new commercial unit that will probably remain empty. As I understand it, Dave Chu needs to continue to serve the tradespeople who have accounts with him for his business to remain viable, and he needs the yard for the large deliveries that these customers order from him (as well as plants). Selling garden brooms, cup hooks, screwdrivers, tins of white paint, sandpaper, moth traps etc. to local residents is not enough. Yet being able to buy such items is invaluable to local people (as well as his advice on DIY stuff!) - witness the 232 people who objected to this application. So it would be a huge loss to the local community if he had to give up the business.

      The report on the application notes that the other commercial premises in the parade do not use yards - but they are different kinds of businesses, and do not need to take large deliveries like Dave does! Apparently the inspector only saw plants in the yard when he did his inspection.

      I noticed that the report says that objecting to having a new commercial unit that will probably remain empty is not a valid objection, because it depends on the market!

      Couple of other points - it seems odd that the planning dept should approve of storing wheelie bins indoors, under the stairs (see p.26 of the report) - ?

      I seem to remember somebody saying that emergency access was needed through the yard for some of the residential units above other shops, and not just for no.20, as is stated in the report ?


    • I've never attended a council meeting, so this is probably a stupid question but how would they know those of us attending as members of public (but not speaking) were there because we are opposed?  Is that just assumed?

    • Good point!  I guess hoards of people are unlikely to turn up to support an application relating to a single residential unit (and commercial unit). Also, the meeting is being held only because Cllr Nick da Costa asked for it, because of the number of objections. I can't remember if it's ok to clap in the public gallery, or if you have to keep completely silent? (should know ...)


    • Thanks Annabel for the points. The report seems extremely contradictory in many points - says that some things can be permitted as objections, and then goes back on itself. 

      Furthermore, there seems to be a usual ‘misunderstanding’ about the nature of the parade, and the usage of it and Dave’s yard. 

      I know that the planning committee did a site visit to the area late last week - and hopefully this will assist them with their decision. They cannot take the 232 objections lightly, and hopfeully this will swing the support of the committee against the recommendations of officers. 

      Re: public gallery - I would recommend considered vocal support. I wouldn’t recommend whooping and cheering, but clapping is always welcome. Especially for the speakers who are making their presentations. 

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