From the Pinkham Way Alliance

A reminder that the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) is urgently seeking donations to help pay for professional representation at the Examination in Public of the draft North London Waste Plan.

The long drawn out process of finalising the North London Waste Plan is continuing. The next important stage - the examination in public by the planning inspector - is scheduled for November. Its outcome has the potential to determine whether or not a waste processing plant is built on an important nature conservation site - the woodlands adjacent to the Pinkham Way section of the North Circular Road. 

We are incredibly lucky to have talented local experts willing to put in huge amounts of unpaid voluntary work into fighting to save the site. However, professional representation for the PWA  at the Examination in Public is essential, and this costs money. Huge thanks of course go to those who have already donated.

Please help protect our local nature conservation site by making a donation here.


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