Did you know there is a merger planned for three local GP surgeries?

The practices affected are Rutland House, Queens Avenue and Muswell Hill (formally known as Dukes Avenue).  The precise details are, as yet, unclear as things keep changing but apparently the leases of two of the practices are up for renewal  and Haringey Council is having discussions about relocating the three practices to 54 Muswell Hill. This is just off the the Muswell Hill roundabout, opposite the Mossy Well Pub. This proposal is in line with government policy to urge GP practices to merge and create larger 'hubs'.

As patients of one of the practices that would be affected we feel that our practice already gives a very good level of service even with the current cuts in their budget.  We want to make sure that this level of service is maintained, accessibility guaranteed and that current staff are protected.

To find out more you could contact your local practice, your local Councillor or MP. Please let us know what you are able to find out and, more importantly, what you think about the proposed merger

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  • Seems a daft place to re-locate to - one of the big objections to moving the library there was that elderly & disabled & people with pushchairs would find the hill very difficult to navigate, yet these groups of people are those most likely to need to visit a doctor!

  • I find the level of service at Rutland House of a VERY high standard .

    I am able to walk there easiily .I see no reason to relocate. WHAT would the advantages be?

    WHERE  would disabled  pateints PARK? 

     It would be very dangerous to drop people off in the main road...  .or would the practice be behind the main building? 

    More details please .

    Susan Bennett Long time patient Rutland House

  • I hadn’t heard about this so thanks for raising it. It seems to have come up in October and there is a news item on the Muswell Hill (Dukes Avenue) Practice site here:

    The minutes from a Haringey Council meeting are here:

  • Thank you for posting, Mandy.

This reply was deleted.


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