9193114069?profile=RESIZE_400xResidents will be extremely relieved to see that this has started. Is the dropped paving low enough for mobility scooters?

The Council is also going to consult on the 'removal of footway parking' in the borough. Crescent Road and Palace Gates Road are at the top of the list in batch 1 of roads in the consultation. Presumably the consultation is not about whether it is needed or not?!



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  • All - I have also received an update on the pavement parking consultation that was announced last September. This is the latest response I have received from officers :

    The Parking Team are work towards the production of the footway parking policy and understanding the many facets that make up this area including equalities and new guidance issued by DfT earlier this year. It is anticipated that the policy will be presented to Cabinet in the second quarter of this coming financial year (2022/2023 ) with public consultations starting once the policy has been approved.

     I can confirm for you engineers are steadily working through the 101 roads, capturing the site information, analysing this information to understand what options can be proposed for each affected road. Once the policy is in place, officers will contact Councillors and provide the opportunity for comment before public consultation is undertaken.

    Please get in touch if you have any comment.


  • Hi Ade,

    policy making is done by the Council Cabinet. Here is the link to the Haringey Cabinet: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/how-decisions-are-made/.... You will also find the list of cabinet responsabilities and portfolios.

    Jon Burke has been the Cabinet member in Hackney Council for sustainability and energy until February this year, and I think is in this capaciy that he has worked on a ETP. Bear in mind that each Council has a different Cabinet composition with slightly different roles or portfolios.

    Haringey latest Transport Strategy is dated 2018, this below is the page to it, with links on the left to other initiatives that one way or another are impacting transport , traffic and air quality. The one closer to what you are looking for is probably under the Haringey Streetspace Plan heading, but again is a list of temporarely measures mostly implemeted in the urgency  of Spring 2020 but not a coherent plan.




    The Cabinet | Haringey Council
    What is the Cabinet?How do the Cabinet make decisions?The Forward PlanWhen does the Cabinet meet?DeputationsWhat is the Cabinet?The Cabinet is a grou…
  • Hi Alessandra,

    Who is actually in charge of formulating and carrying out an Emergency Transport Plan in Haringey?

    Is it councillors - as in Hackney where Jon Burke formulated the ETP - or is it Highways Officers? 

    Who decided that parking removal and LTNs should be done successively rather than being dealt with in one comprehensive, urgent ETP which would be cheaper, quicker and better for health?

    Can you advise who should be held legally responsible for having teken no emergency steps to reduce air pollution & car congestion in Haringey in 2021?

  • Dear Ade, apologies for the delay in answering, I have been away and for some reason the browser did not allow me to access the site from abroad. In the meantime though I have received teh following update on the pavement parking removal:

    1. Highways have commenced surveying the roads where pavement parking is provided in order to assess the clear footway widths available taking into account street furniture, overhanging foliage, parking practices etc. A separate pavement parking policy is being prepared which will look at government guidance and set out the criteria that will be applied to determine whether the parking needs to be removed and to what degree. This policy is expected to be agreed in the next month, following which Highways embark on consultations where changes are proposed. The Crescent Road/Palace Gates area is in the first batch of roads that will be progressed.  

    I appreciate is not much of an update, and I share the same frustation in seeing the lack of urgency and action from Haringey.


  • 9553827273?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Jon Burke FRCS who wrote the foreword to Hackney’s Emergency Traffic Management Plan 2020 (5 new LTNs) says:

    ‘There’s no time left for incremental progress.

    The five Low Traffic Neighbourhoods I delivered in Hackney last year were legally implemented. 

    The introduction I wrote to Hackney's 2020 Emergency Transport Plan, which the High Court dismissed a legal challenge against from Horrendous Hackney Road Closures on 3 September.

    As I noted, in a climate emergency "there can be no question of a return to ‘business as usual'".



    HHRC Ltd v Hackney Borough Council [2021] EWHC 2440 (Admin) (03 September 2021)
  • Dear all - apologies if I have missed your comments last week. 

    I fully agree that all these issues shoudl be addressed together. Just to sum up there are these measures all pending in our ward:

    - Alexandra North LTN

    - Pavement parking in Crescent Road and Palace Gate Road

    - Walking and Cycling Consultation

    - Expansion of the CPZ up to 'The Avenue'

    To me it would also make sense to address the issue overall rather than piecemeal, the problem I think is that Highway and Parking come under two different Cabinet briefs with initiatives being split between the Environment, Transport and Climate Emergency' and the 'Customer Service, Welfare and the Public Realm' one where 'Parking and Parking Transformation' sits, with different budgets and different teams working on each one. Having said that, I can only say that we Councillors will continue to press so that all these initiatives will make sense and work together. There have also been delays in the implementation of some of these measures, for instance we were told of the expansion of the CPZ in 2019.  I am waiting to hear back what is the plan for all these initiatives now that the consultation for the Bounds Green LTN is underway.

    I also agree with Indjiana that while we wait for the consultation pedestrians will still be inconvenienced by cars parking on pavements, we have been told that the consultation will be Septemebr -October so I hope it will not be long now. The issue with pavement stones and the damage caused by cars parking was acknowledged, at least at the briefing we received.

    Ade, I think the reason why Haringey needs to consult is because many roads are included in a CPZ and require parking permit, but I take your point that the original action was flawed in the first place. If you know of other streets particularly narrow can you please let me know so that we can ask that these are inlcuded in the list?  I also agree with you on the rest you mention, there are a lot of groups on and outside the Council  trying to call to Haringey to action, with clear deadlines and targets.

  • Dear all, I have asked for an update on this and if it was possible for residents to be involved suring the survey of the streets. I have been told that the initial survey on streets included in Batch 1 has been concluded already but officers have mentioned that they welcome feedback if there are particular issues with any of the roads at specific times.  I have already received feedback from PGRA and is there is more please send your comments here or via email. The public consultation would be in September/October.

    • I am very unhappy that the pavement parking issue is being approached separately from the traffic management.  The Council website suggests that anyone affected will be contacted but this has certainly not happened.  I would like to contact the appropriate person but have no idea who they are.  Please let me know how I can respond.


    • We have sent hundreds of photos to Haringey Council to show how people on footpaths are impeded by parked cars, cars driving over pavements and those overhanging from private bays. And how blind/sight-restricted people and wheelchair users cannot proceed or pass each other on these narrow, broken pavements that are choc-a-bloc with cars and refuse bags/bins. This is a violation of the Equality Act 2010.

      No Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) has ever been carried out to permit pavement parking or temporary placement of refuse bags/bins. The council has not made reasonable adjustments for people in the protected group, and this has resulted in age and disability discrimination. The pavement parking was formally established with painting of white lines on the pavements in 2013. Without consultation or EqIAs. But now they say they need a 'consultation' to remove pavement parking. They do not. It has never been legal in the first place. They need to remove permission for both pavement parking and plaement of refuse bags/bins on footpaths. Harringey cannot legally allow street parking on both sides of the streets, either, because it impedes emergency fire engines, busses and cyclists, especially disabled cyclists on adapted bikes or trikes, and disability scooter users..

      Haringey needs to install LTNs AT THE SAME TIME as removing pavement parking.& placement of refuse on foothpaths. It needs to find more street spaces for cycle/tricycle parking and E-bike charging, and for refuse collection. It makes no sense to address these steps separately. They need to be taken quickly, now, to remove car dominance from our streets and pavements whilst installing proper measures for active travel: wider footpaths - especially those with trees - , strictly no bins or refuse bags on footpaths, no SUVs from private bays overhanging pavements, reduced car parking and massively increased infrastructure for all types of cycling, use of adapted scooters, pushchairs, wheelchairs. 

      This is a Climate Emergency and LAs have been given the legal tools to deal with it quickly. Not doing so violates Traffic Management Act Guidance, the Equality Act, the Clean Air Act and the Paris Agreement.

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