Roofing scams:Beware

It has come to our attention that roofing scammers are at work in the neighbourhood claiming to have seen damage to your roof, a few broken tiles, birds nesting etc and offering to take a look and give you a quote. The scam then begins to unfold as they tell you with 'photos they have taken' that the damage is much more serious, rotten rafters etc and that whole roof needs replacing. They suck you in by creating anxiety and panic and tell you they can start immediately. Once they have started it's hard to escape their clutches-your roof is exposed and they start demanding money aggressively. PLEASE be vigilante and take a step back before allowing anyone, whose help you have not solicited to check out anything on your property and if you are concerned about anything on your property seek the advice of a registered and recommended professional.

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  • There are subtle sophisticated building scammers around too, who'll probably also do roofing - They aren't as gross as some, but they won't be on hand if you need them to correct anything. They will probably have persuaded someone you trust that they've been around for quite a long time, even though when you check you find they've only been registered for only a year or so. Their card will have a business address (like in a trading estate on Colney Hatch Lane), but when you check that address on something like Endole, you'll find they aren't listed as being any longer there, if they were ever there at all. They will tell you about family and family values, all of which may be blarney (and in my experience, some of them have spoken in a British Isles regional accent that is often associated with blarney in people's minds).
    The ones that semi-scammed me (and did worse to my neighbour who originally recommended them to me) are just about to disappear from the Companies House website. Another group working in Grove Avenue just at the begining of the first lockdown seemed to me to be the same sort of people speaking in the same sort of accent and employing the same sort of methods - They were certainly no longer at their premises in Colney Hatch Lane.  

  • I think there are several, some of them have unmarked white vans. The police are interested in talking to them if you can let them know while the vans are there.

  • Many thanks, Jane, very useful. Is this somebody going by the name of Supreme Roofing? Or are there several ?! We had a warning about SR in the summer:


    Rogue roofer - Supreme Roofing
    There's a rogue roofer/con man in the area knocking on doors offering to check your roof, and pretending he's working on neighbours' roofs.    He's v…
  • This is a very timely reminder - thank you for posting Jane.

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