Seeking cyclists

In the last week or so cyclists on my road (the dog-leg bit at station end of Alex Pk Rd) have caught my attention and I'd now like to catch up with some of them - for a planned feature on cycling (and walking), which the Govt now wants to encourage. Four of the cyclists spotted that I'd like to get in touch with if possible are:

- A woman cycling with her dog on a lead - both happily spinning down the middle of the road (as only lockdown allows!)

- A family on three bikes, incl one with a trailer and I think another with a child rear seat.

- A man with his dog in a backpack (both looking very happy I should say!)

- A father and son on a tandem.

If anyone knows these people - or come to that other people who now travel like this or similarly - please let me know! I need to progress this quickly as come Wednesday motorists will doubtless be back on the roads in force.

As at least one person has said, if we don't want to go from lockdown to gridlock with everyone getting back in their cars, cycling and suchlike are the way...

Thanks! Tessa

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  • The tandem might have been me. Thing is though, up until a week or two ago my kid was riding his own bike on the road on our rides, but Crescent Road is already back to its pre-lockdown status of being far too hostile with through traffic for me to allow that. Fewer cars but many of those that remain are driving aggressively at outrageous speeds. Seeing your child be driven at by impatient drivers, apparently to force them out of the way so they don't have to slow down, is utterly terrifying for a parent.

    • Would love to talk then Grant and time not on our side now... But the bit of Alex Pk Rd in question is still very very quiet so there's still opportunity. Would also like to invite you - and other locals - on the proposed safe green ride we're planning as follow-up to the PGRA streets meeting to help less experienced or confident cyclists to get on two wheels, keeping the air cleaner, the roads safer, bodies fitter ... (you can fill in the rest!)

      Everyone reading invited obviously...Tessa

      020 8888 3600

      07796 942281

    • So glad this is happening, Tessa! Great move.


  • Hi Tessa, Lisa here. I have been cycling a lot since lockdown-what do you want to know? Been on the dog leg bit in Alexandra Park Road.

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