Semi long haired Marj the cat needs a home

Marj is an affectionate, outgoing and calm cat who likes to spend most of his time lying down. He is a large cat with green eyes and a semi - long tabby and white coat. He has a wonderful long bushy tail and he is beautiful. He likes being an indoor cat. Marj was found on the street and handed to a local vets a few months ago. He was unwell when he was found and thin and he was later diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He is now much better and takes medicine twice a day to control this condition. He will live a perfectly long happy life as long as he continues to take his medicine.

Marj loves nothing more than a good fuss. He likes to roll around and nuzzle into your hand, and he loves being stroked.

He is currently doing very well living in a volunteer temporary foster home, but Stokey Cats and Dogs would dearly like to find a permanent home for him. Having lost a bit of strength when he was ill, he rarely jumps up high, but he will hop onto the sofa if invited. He is litter trained and neutered. Marj is approximately 7 years old so has a long life ahead of him. (as of course cats usually live to around 20 years old.)

If you would like to meet Marj and think you might be able to offer him a home, please email and they will be pleased to send you an application form. Please note home checks apply.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local volunteer group who rescue local cats. It's vital that cats are neutered as there are so many homeless cats. They rescue cats and get them neutered, microchipped and rehomed. They desperately need and welcome funds donated by the community on their fundraising page here or you can donate via paypal to They also urgently need funds for vet fees. They also have a Wish List on Amazon and have a Stokey Cats and Dogs Facebook group and Stokey Cats Blog where you can read all the latest news on their rescue cats.

I post regularly here in respect of Stokey cats needing homes and photos

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If you can't offer a permanent home to a cat, Stokey also urgently need more fosterers - which means providing a temporary home for a cat until a permanent home is found. Can you help? You don't need to have a garden to temporarily foster. If more people foster, Stokey will be able to help more homeless cats). Short term or long term fosterers are always needed. If you email Stokey, they will be pleased to send you a foster care application form to join their volunteer foster carers network. Email

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  • Marj is at the vets. His mouth is sore and he needs dental/teeth removed. Have to make sure the thyroid and the heart is OK first for him to undergo anaesthetic for dental so having pre-op blood test. If you would like to support Marj and other Stokey rescue cats' vet treatment you can make a donation via Paypal to Every little helps and is very much appreciated by Stokey Cats & DogsMarj still needs a home. Stokey Cats & Dogs Facebook group

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