• Thanks for making this website easily accessible for mobiles. My desktop has just died, so being able to visit the site on my smartphone is really helpful.
    • Well, that's great!  I hadn't realised it was ...

  • So glad you found it inviting - thanks for the comment! 

    The calendar on the Events page actually shows today's date - I guess it could have a heading saying 'Today's Date'  (I don't think you can stop this being highlighted)?  Or the calendar could just be removed, for that matter.  If you are familiar with similar sites nearby (such as Bowes and Bounds), which use an older version of the same software, they have a dedicated 'Events' page which is now no longer available - very unfortunate!

  • It looks clear and definitely inviting - I was immediately tempted to write something.

    I would just mention that on the "Events" page, next to the event there is a calender which, instead of showing the date of the event, shows the date the event was posted.  This must be confusing to readers, who might try and attend on the date shown in the calender instead of the correct date.  I couldn't see a way of adjusting this.

This reply was deleted.


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