•  Hi Lucy, we have one we'd be happy for you to borrow, if you still need it - will send you a PM.

    • Hi Anna,

      Have tried to get you several times to return your jet-washer but am obviously still having technical problems!  (Either that or you've left the country!)  Trying once more.  If you get this message can you call me on 0208 888 0162?



    • Hi Anna,  Thank you so much and apologies for the delay in getting back to you!  (Also, apologies for being a bit of a Luddite when it comes to understanding technology - what's a PM?)  

      As it happens, we're going away for a week on Wednesday, so can I get back to you in the 1st week of March?  (Which will also give our poor garden a few days to 'dry out'!)  

      So thanks again and I'll be in touch in about 9 or 10 days!

      Best wishes,  Lucy

    • Hi Lucy,

      No worries at all - just let me know when you're back!

      A PM is a 'private message' - so you should see a message waiting for you if you click on the envelope icon in the top right of your screen, in the dark grey bar. That way you don't have to broadcast your address in the public forum :)


    • Hi Anna,

      Any chance you could give me a call on 0208 888 0162 or 07816878136?

      Best regards,



    • Thank you!

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