Hi all,

want to give you an update on this. So far there have been two test events: the first Sunday 24th, with no shuttle bus service and some empty shuttle buses going  to and from the stadium to gather data on timing and so on. The second, yesterday, has seen the pick up of passengers opposite Alexandra Palace Station.I have been both at the pick up point and turn around at Bedford Road.

For the pick up point I would say operations have run smoothly, although there were not many supporters and this was a first trial. There were several representative of First Bus, that runs the service,  and THFC.

You may be aware that we have requested the use of electric or hybrid buses to minimise the impact on air quality and that buses to turn off the engines when idling. At first glance I can say that buses have turned their engines off while waiting in Station Road. Buses will not wait in Bedford Road , but only use the area to turn around. I could not make the bus model and have been told they were low emission but without any visible indication of what series or bus is difficult to asses if diesel or hybrid.

The turn around point in Bedford Road was a bit more problematic. Since there was no parking suspension in place, some buses have either continue through Alexandra Park, not sure where they have turned on, while some have been able to use the turn around space. For those that have used the turn around space it was clear how little space for manoeuvering and turn there is. On both days there were also events at the palace with additional dedicated shuttle buses.

I have shared some of the pictures with officers in Haringey and hope that the turning point will be recobnsidered and a more suitable space identified. A Traffic Experimental Order has been issued for all roads affected by parking suspensions for the THFC events , we are waiting for this to be published on the Haringey website, and there will be 6 months to object.

The first official match will be next Wednesday at 19:45.  This will also be the first real test as the shuttle buses will operate in the middle of peak time and the area will also need to cope with the additional traffic and parking from supporters that will drive in the area to catch the shuttle bus.

We will be monitoring in this occasion too and if you have pictures or any feedback or isssue you have encountered as a result please do get in touch.




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  • All,

    latest info following past weeks reports to Haringey : 

    1) the turnaround on Bedford Rd is still an issue, but now because the signs and yellow parking suspension cones are removed so there will be an inspection on event day to ensure the bay is free. I have insisted that more visible notices on event day would also help to avoid parking enforcement since no all are aware when is match day and parking is suspended. This should be implemented next match season.

    2) buses engines idling at Station Road: The officers will request more briefing to bus drivers and Spur stewards

    3) Origin of shuttle buses customers : some of you have confirmed that many of the shuttle bus users , rather than coming via train, simply drive to the AP Station, impacting the few parking spaces avaiable, and then board the shuttle bus. I have reported this more than once but Haringey still consider this a too early stage to draw any conclusion and believe that next season woul give a better idea of the numbers involved.

    Last, but not least if you have any comment you want to make or we can pass on or any feedback on this please do get in touch. Is important ho hear from as many of you as possible so that officers know how this service is implemented and the impact to the area so that if there are issues can be raised and dealt with..


  • The shuttle buses yesterday(13th April) were causing a tailback and congestion all the way back to Palace Gates Rd and Crescent Rd. The traffic lights for the works on Station Rd also added delays and congestion. I do not think the size and number of buses is appropriate for the area/available space. Definitely needs a rethink in my opinion.

    • Do you have an idea of roughly how many buses there were, Rachel?


    • There were 3 buses waiting when I went past about 6pm that day - probably about 10% full.

  • Spurs' first big match in the new stadium was on Weds night. Do people living near Bedford Road and AP station have any feedback about their experience of the shuttle buses?

    • It's a very good idea ! and would be very useful feedback to have!

      Nick and I were at the picking up point and turning and have taken additional notes but woudl be useful to hear if those living nearby have had any impact in terms of parking, noise or something else. We were not there  for the after match so it would also be useful to know if there have been issues later.

      Thank you!

  • Many thanks for this, Alessandra!  That turning point really does look problematic with such large buses.

    Nothing to do with Spurs - but I did wonder whether little single-decker shuttle buses could turn there when the road through the park was closed for large events at the Palace, but it is ridiculous using it for buses this size!

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