Some additions to the APN website

Hi All,

Hope you find the following changes useful - suggestions/comments on the content of the website are always welcome!

  • Our new shiny blue button on the left-hand side of the APN Home page - labelled 'Useful Local Information' - links to the column containing this info. It is not intended to replace easily-accessible information available on the internet, but rather to provide information that is not so easy to find, or is not available at all.  It also provides contact details that may be needed in a hurry, such as A&E and Alexandra Palace Security.  Comments welcome -  including of course any changes/errors in the information provided!
  • A new Search Box appeared at the top of APN pages recently - provided by our software company Ning, who are gradually adding features that have long been available in an earlier version of the software (nice to know they are working on it, though!). Do try it out - it is much better than the old custom Google search box which has now been removed. The latter gave lots of irrelevant adverts at the beginning, and duplicate info.
  • Our Hidden High Street page - containing information about local businesses which do not have shop fronts - is now much smarter with logos added. Send a message to Admin if you would like to have an entry for your business on the page (this is free). If you do not have a logo, a relevant picture would be fine, or we can use the default logo:
  • We will not be using the Local Courses box on the Home page any longer, because it is too much work to keep up-to-date. The Events page now gives full information about local courses. Instead, anyone who runs a local course could have an entry with general information about it and contact details on our Hidden High Street. The Regular Activities box is still there, though - please let me know if any activity is no longer running, and any suggestions for additions.

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